06/13/2012 - Plagued By Rhythm Update
The podcast quality has (finally) been updated to 44.1KHz/256Kbps. Enjoy!
If you find that you prefer or need a smaller file size, please contact us and we'll be happy to create a lo-fi stream.
05/06/2012 - Plagued By Rhythm Update
Event after a month of silence, Plagued By Rhythm is still very much alive. Please stop by the Podcasts page to check out the latest show.
As always, thank you for your patience and for sticking with us as we work through some personal transition times. We hope that you enjoy some of the new music that's been building up in the queue.
05/05/2012 - Comments Fixed
We're incredibly sorry that the comments feature has been broken for so long. Things should be back to working again. Won't you help us out and test though?

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