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Released on: 1983

Okay, I was prepared to go into this last V go-around with an attitude, mostly because I wanted to do Lacuna Coil's "Our Truth" video (and lead singer Cristina Scabbia, if My Truth be known). I figured I'd get in a quick "this sucks" line and spend the rest of the review waxing poetic about brunettes in general and Cristina in this video in particular. Then a funny thing happened on the way to Snark City. V actually got better.

We're still not talking Waiting for Godet, here, which is probably a good thing since I don't understand Beckett. Things none the less are starting to look up. They introduced another couple characters that added the hammy gravitas this series sorely needed. The Doctor, displaying a pop culture memory for names and faces sorely lacking on his part up ‘til now, identified the new Visitor head vixen in charge (HVIC) as the queen in "Conan the Destroyer" and the female Krypton super criminal who'd been banished in Superman I and II. Whatever. All I see is the groundwork for a double-bitch slappin' hair-tugger with lesbian overtones coming up for next month's grand finale between HVIC and Dianne or Dianna von Reptile. The second character is played by b-actor Michael Ironside as a no nonsense resistance fighter who goes mano a mano with Marc Sanger for leadership of the rebel human war effort. Seeing that his hairline closely matches my own, Ironside is automatically someone I identify with.

The human rebels and what they label their Fifth Columnist allies (can anyone doubt this is the Reagan 80s when some of the good guys end up sporting a Franco nationalist label?) among the aliens blow up a water diversion project, rescue the plucky heroine, that famous actress Faye what's-her-name, and engage in more mayhem than a Fatah-Hamas pickup game of grenade toss. As we edge toward the last hour, one of the human traitors gets served up as a V entrée but not before he toasts an annoying old lady, the easy teenage human slut has delivered twins, including one that went on to star in Ghoulies, then polished off her reptile boyfriend (I really don't wanna hear from women who are itching to ask what's remarkable about reptilian boyfriends), the humans had developed a germ to use on the evil Vs and a vaccine for unevil Vs, Dianna or Dianne (voted "best ass" on the series by the 3 of us with Psycho mutt understandably not voting) is about to go native, a priest has turned one of the cross-species twins over to the aliens, Marc Sanger's rescued son appears to be an alien spy and I've run about a 100 words into an incomprehensible sentence.

Bottom Line: V took an uptick and I have an excuse to keep looking at Cristina Scabbia for another month.

Rating: My rating on the pre-1980s Saturday Morning Cartoon Male Role Model to Aspire To scale (Best equals Race Bannon, worst equals Shaggy)—a series rebounded to Space Ghost.

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