The Hills Have Eyes 2
The Hills Have Eyes 2

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007

Given the state of modern horror movies, and the trend of sequels to be utter trash, I was absolutely blown away by The Hills Have Eyes 2. There are a few quick plot setups in the first 10 minutes - we have a visit back to Sector 16, where the mutants are thriving. The army is setting up some surveillance in that area, and run into some major problems getting that to happen. We also see a pregnant woman propagating the mutant population (unwillingly, of course), so you know that's a sign of things to come. The meat of it comes next, with a tip of the hat to the first half of Full Metal Jacket. We have troops in training, and a hard-ass seargant trying to whip them into shape. After fucking up, they are assigned to run a convoy to the Sector 16 scientists. They get there and, after finding a deserted camp, it quickly turns into a search and rescue mission.

One by one the soldiers meet their demise at the hands of the mutants. It's suspenseful, full of action, and some good bantering dialog. Nowadays the bantering is so cheesy it makes me cringe, but these actors and actresses pull it off with some feeling of realism. The methods of murder are pretty gruesome and full of gore, so the splatterhouse fans will enjoy this too. Of course, it's a two-sided battle and the soldiers do manage to score some kills of their own. I won't spoil the ending, but I will say it's worth seeing through to the end. Not exactly a shocker on who lives, who dies... but this is still one you'd probably watch a few times in your life.

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