The Number 23
The Number 23

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007

Jim Carrey stars in this film as an Animal Control officer who gets tied up in a book that seems to mimic his life. Going through an ordinary day, Carrey gets bit by a dog while on duty and that causes a delay in his schedule that sets a whole load of shit in motion. His wife (played by Virginia Madsen, who RULED in Candyman), stumbles across a book while waiting for him. She insists he reads it, and as the story unfolds he gets sucked into how the story appears to mimic his life, and how the number 23 seems to follow him everywhere. As the story unfolds and murder becomes the new mystery to unravel, you find yourself being sucked in more and more to the very end.

I found this movie to be compelling and incredibly well done. The way they worked the number 23 into everything is really pretty clever, and afterwards it was easy to keep the game going and finding out how it shows up in the real world. One thing I really appreciated is the script doesn't take the cliche "oh I'm going crazy and no one believes me" approach. That Carrey's family helps out really adds nicely to the story, and I honestly couldn't find a single thing I didn't like.

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