Kill the Scream Queen
Kill the Scream Queen

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2004

This is seriously the worst piece of shit I think any of us have seen. I mean, Hellbreeder sucked ass, but it would have been a welcome relief from this piece of trash.

Written, starring, directed by, edited, produced by some mullet-having 80s reject named Bill Zebub. I'm honestly surprised this guy didn't put on a wig and some fake tits and figure out a way to rape himself (actually, would have made it more interesting).

So the plot... Bill Zebub is a psycho murderer who is trying to find (horrible) actresses and then rapes and kills them. The thing is, the women he finds are fat, old and ugly... basically reinforcing the fact that meth is a hell of a drug. So this isn't hot at all - AT ALL. It was just fucked up and horrible. I mean, the "rape" scene was an extended zoom in on the chick's face while she rocks back and forth. And that's it. That's the fucking movie.

Do the world a favor. If you meet Bill Zebub, kick him in the balls for being such a fuck.

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