Dead Clowns
Dead Clowns

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2003

It's amazing I made it through this movie without passing out. I was totally sold on the packaging tho - a creepy clown with an axe on the front, a promise of zombie clowns on the back. ZOMBIE FUCKING CLOWNS!! How could I turn this down? Well, after it's all said and done I wish I would have just walked by it.

The back story is that 50 years ago a train car full of clowns fell into the water and they all died. A hurricane is brewing, which apparently is the first time it's happened since the clowns were killed, since it causes them to rise again.

Their victims are a group of random people - we were constantly confused at who we were looking at, and amazingly these people never had any ties to each other, which shows just how completely ridiculous the plot is. Well, more so than you might expect.

All in all this movie was boring as fuck. Nothing happens for the first half hour at all. They try to set the story and the mood, but fuck that, it could have been set in 5 minutes. Most of the footage if of the hurricane going on, and is obviously taken from the Weather Channel. The deaths weren't creative or impressive, so really there wasn't anything to keep you going. Why did we keep going? We're still asking ourselves that...

Avoid this movie at all costs.

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