Leprechaun: In the Hood
Leprechaun:  In the Hood

Posted by Maggot Man
Released on: 2000

Recall, if you will, single word movie titles guarantied to make you wake up in the middle of the night, weak with fear, sweat roiling out of every pore, afraid to go back to sleep lest the title character resume its stalking of you in your dreams, equally afraid to peer into the bedroom gloom about you in the off-chance that your nightmare was just a prelude to a new and terrifying reality. Think of those title characters that made you jump the first time you beheld them on film, that spawned a steady stream of terrifying sequels, that became bywords for pure horror in American--no, in worldwide--culture. Dracula. Frankenstein. Poltergeist. Alien. Predator. Leprechaun.

What? Leprechaun? What about it? You DIDN'T foul yourself? Maybe if I threw a couple exclamation points after it: Leprechaun!! Still not petrified?

Well, neither were we as we suffered through not one but two movies from the six (yes, six) movie serial. I could share the pain and review both of the ones we watched but, well, that would probably guarantee you would foul yourself and we can't have that. Besides, I already forgot what Leprechaun 2 was about. Lord that I could say the same thing about our second movie night film, Leprechaun: In the Hood.

As best as I can figure out, the movie starts some time in the 1970s when an afro-coiffed pimped up Ice T and a second homie stumble across a medallion-bedecked statue looking suspiciously like Warwick Davis done up like a leprechaun. Homie two gets foreclosied upon when the two O.G.s relieve the statue of the magical medallion bringing the leprechaun to blood-curdling and blood-spilling life. Ice-T manages to repetrify Leprechaun and has his eyes open to Possibilities.

Fast forward to the waning days of the millennium. Ice-T is now big noise in the hood, with his fingers in a bunch of pots, including the leprechaun's de rigueur pot of gold and rap music production. The leprechaun, tagged "Lep" in a sound track rap tune, has been consigned to the role of centerpiece in Ice-T's office, reminding me of a green-faced lawn jockey, ironically. In search of startup capital for their own rap career and deciding to forgo the formality of launching an IPO, a trio of would-be rappers decides to burglarize Ice-T's crib. Naturally, they free Lep while snatching his pot of gold, and a donnybrook in the 'hood ensues. There's sub-plots about a magical pipe that mesmerizes anyone within hearing, about a transgendered madam (or is it mister?) and probably some other story-lines that entirely escape me (like I was trying to keep them), but the main plot, Lep's single-minded quest to reunite with his pot o' gold, staggers to its body-strewn conclusion. I won't spoil your movie experience by revealing the ending, a promise that's made all the easier to keep since I was sleeping by then.

This movie is replete with direct-to-video markers, guaranteeing the film was consigned to a Netflix premier night no doubt after a film wrap party centered upon a six-pack and a bag of Cheetos. Doggedly sticking to the tongue-shallowly-stuck-in-cheek horror that's marked the franchise from the first Leprechaun, the movie offers up pedestrian violence, a lot of it surprisingly off-screen-surprisingly off-screen until you consider the producers probably blew their budget on Ice-T's salary and a cameo by Coolio. If I consider anything interesting about this movie (outside of the fact that it belongs to a series that just won't die) it's the slightly off-stereotype riffs on what are now stock ghetto characters. Ice-T's character is just the result of Ice-T playing Ice-T in a sad excuse for a horror franchise, but one of the rap ingénues is a tubby male virgin and kidded for it, there's a lecherous black church preacher, a blind grandmother, and the aforementioned sexually confused pimp-or-madam. Oh, and there's a funny bit with Ice-T's afro. But by and large, most scenes in the movie are either forgettable (so much so that I may have seen this movie before-I can't remember as some scenes were vaguely familiar, yet this is a 2000 movie and I stopped watching the tube in 2001) or disgusting, as in the case of what seems to be a thankfully off-screen sexual encounter between Lep and the transvestite that the latter does not survive. E-e-e-h.

And sure 'n iffen that doesn't sum up my opinion of the movie also: E-e-e-h.

Rating: My rating on the Entertainers That Harley Davidson Could Have invited to Play at its 100th Anniversary Party Scale (Worst equals Boy George, best equals Steppenwolf)-Elton John.

Now really: Didn't inviting Sir Elton confirm your suspicions about most Harley riders these days?

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