Diary of the Dead
Diary of the Dead

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007

Romero should have left his name off of this one...

As a fan of Romero's work, I think we were all sadly disappointed by this film.  It opens with a news report and the zombies slowly coming back to life.  A group of college kids are making a horror movie and hear about the zombie attacks on the news.  In a rush to get to their families and figure out what's going on, they pack up into an RV and hit the road.  Well, one guy feels it's "his duty" to tape everything in the movie, and so acts as the cameraman for most of the movie.  I guess I don't know why, but this guy just fucking annoyed me.  He was so preachy about taping it to "preserve history" and he just pisses his friends off instead, including his girlfriend.  Towards the beginning his girlfriend does a voiceover about how the video is done in memory of him and they all worked to put it together.  They call the thing "The Death of Death".  Seriously, WTF does that even mean?  So we progress and find families dead, people die along the way (sorry, not trying to do spoilers, but I think that part of the plot is just a given).  The best part is a mute Amish guy.  There's a good bit of humor around that part, and definitely broke up the monotony.

The movie isn't bad, don't get me wrong, I guess my main beef is that the movie isn't good.  I found it boring overall... your typical zombie flick with nothing new added.  Romero is the master, and maybe I'm biased to expecting something new and innovative from him.  That being said, taping it in documentary style is innovative for a zombie film.  However, with films like Cloverfield and Blair Witch project paving the way, you'd expect the camera to add some type of effect.  Sadly it didn't.  If you got motion sickness in the other movies, you at least don't have to worry about that here.  Overall I don't think that aspect was enough to save the film.  I'd suggest you save your money, or wait for this to hit the bargain rental before you give it a shot.

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