Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2008

Amazing movie!  The thrill of "Mad Max" with a modern special effects budget.

More often I'm looking to UK-based movie makers to give me the thrill I want.  Look at "28 Days Later" if you want another example, but "Doomsday" really continues the trend.

The beginning plot isn't that novel - killer plague infects people, people are quarantined (in this case, all of Scotland), people find a way to survive.  Where this kicks off is a young girl (Eden Sinclair) who was taken out of Scotland just as the quarantine was being enforced is now a Major and has a cybernetic eye to replace the one shot out when she was escaping.  As England is seeing cases of this quarantined plague showing up in their country, they need a covert team to sneak in and try to find a cure that a doctor was working on.  Major Sinclair is in charge of leading this team, and they roll to the doctor's lab, just to be ambushed by a barbaric tribe of what the plague survivors have become.  This was pretty brutal, but very awesome - the costumes feel straight out of 80s movies like Mad Max, very punk and post-apocalyptic.  We see these people are led by a man named Sol.  Some of the team are killed, some are kept to be eaten.  The rest escape, along with Sol's sister who turns out to also be the "saviour" Dr. Kane's daughter.

They are subsequently captured by Kane's people, who are less Mad Max and are more medieval.  It was a little different but pretty neat to flip through these time paradigms- modern/future/apocalyptic/medieval - but the movie holds it together with a compelling story.  There's a lot more to the story but I won't spoil it for you.  Is Kane able to provide a cure?  Is the rest of the team able to get out in 48 hours before London gets buried in water and the new plague outbreak buried with it?  Definitely pick this movie up to find out.

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