Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2005

Hokey at times, but overall an enjoyable action/sci-fi/horror movie.

The year is 2210, and humans are at war with vampires.  An interesting twist is that there are different types/races of vampires that exist.  Some are organ-eaters, some are more barbaric, some are of the more traditional blood sucking variety.  We follow a crew of vampire hunters as they take care of business at one mission, and get a distress call that they run to without company orders.  Little do they know it's a trap, and their commander gets taken.  The next-in-command is a young kid who was taken under the commander's wing on a "work release" after being court martialled.  The other crew hate his ass, but eventually they learn to like him.

Moving on there's a bit of intrigue as the vampires seem to have an upper hand on kicking human ass.  We find out a group of human hippy vampire-lovers are helping them out, and the crew had inadvertantly helped them out too.  The vampire leader (played by Michael Ironside, w00t!) is just trying to get the humans so he can feed on them.. of course.

Decent blood and gore, and one of the most disappointing sex scenes ever produced.  Overall, I gotta admit I didn't hate this.  The dialog was a bit cheesy, but we've seen a lot worse too.

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