Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007

Avoid this overdrawn sleeper at all costs!

A hot chick on the cover, blood-soaked shears...

As usual, the most talented person involved in this movie is the one who worked on the cover and I got sucked in again!  Sure, there was a sexy nurse (thank goodness, otherwise this would have been a 100% wash), but it barely made up for the rest of it.  This guy, George, goes in for a colonoscopy and something goes wrong.  He goes in and out of hallucinations with murder and conspiracy to kill him, blah blah blah.  Basically about two hours of boring bullshit.

This wasn't poorly done, not like we're used to.  It was just boring as hell.  I don't mind admitting I nodded off a few times.  Does that mean I "missed something important"?  I fucking doubt it!  Avoid this movie at all costs.  Tom Cavanagh - sorry you were in this man, but I don't hold it against you personally.




So in the end we find out that George is in a coma and then he dies.  WHAT???  I found this totally depressing.  This isn't a horror movie by any means, it was a depressing psycho-drama.

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