Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2002

Basic root plot, but this film adds enough twists to keep it interesting.

When I saw that this movie was set in Spain, I immediately thought back to all of the bad Spanish movies we've seen the past few years... I am pleased to say that Spain has redeemed itself!

We have a family that moves into an old house in Spain.  The dad suffers from a disease that causes seizures, and it corresponds to lights flickering and other spooky occurrences around the house.  There are visions, shadowy evil children hiding in the shadows, and the dad starts to crack around the edges.  There are some elements that make me think of "The Shining" - the way the dad starts to go a bit nuts, the kids in the hallway, etc.  A little bit of the Japanese-to-American flicks like "The Ring" appear to have some effect on the horror elements here too.

As the mystery unfolds, we find out that there were several children killed in the house in the past.  The architect of the house describes some of the work done specially to set the house up for a ritual.  The rest of the story doesn't have twists that you probably won't see coming, but they still keep the story fresh.  No spoiler on this one - it's a good story and worth your time to watch the whole thing.  The ending is amazing as The Darkness comes about and takes more victims.

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