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Released on: 2006

"Groundhog Day" meets the horror genre - to a degree.

As the tagline says, "What if every day you relived your own murder?"

Claire Parker has to experience just that - after working a late-night shift at a convenience store, she waits for her boyfriend to pick her up just to have some creepy-ass guy stop by instead.  Driving her boyfriend's truck and claiming to be a friend, she agrees to get in and get a ride home. 

Just a note to future directors and writers - stop using cheesy shit like this to further the story.  I'm sick of people acting stupid like this and accepting rides with strangers.  We all groaned when it happened, and actually felt that she had everything coming.  Try a different plot line in the future.

She accepts the ride, just to have the guy turn into a psycho and brutally kill her in her own basement.  She awakens to find herself reliving the same start to the day again - except this time her boyfriend comes and picks her up.  As the story unfolds, there is a deep investigation into who the killer is and how it ties into the surrounding events.  Quite a surprising twist at the end, that's all I'll say there.

Although this review is short, since the plot is pretty basic, the movie itself was really well done for an indie film.  It was nice to see Sundance recognize it (probably why we liked it so much), and I must say that this is one to check out.  The acting was good, the story interesting and not boring.

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