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Released on: October 10, 2008

Given our previous complaints about Spanish movies, I was skeptical when I learned this was a remake of the Spanish film "Rec".  Luckily for Spain, I think we're going to be lifting our embargo...

As dumb as this is probably going to sound (and STFU in advance if you plan on giving me shit) - I was amazed at how natural the acting seemed in this movie.  I mean, duh, these are actors and actresses, but I really felt like this was an anchorwoman and her cameraman giving us uncut footage.

Enough gushing on that part of it though, the meat of the story continues.  So by now you probably figured out that this is shot as a "live-action" camera style, similar to Cloverfield, Blair Witch, etc.  If you get nauseas from that, you should probably skip it.  We're introduced to Angela as the anchorwoman and Scott her cameraman, who are out to shadow some local firefighters for an evening.  After getting taken on a tour of the station (what can I say, I found it a little interesting!), they get to go out on a call.  Upon arriving at an apartment building, they find some of the tenants reporting an elderly woman had been screaming.  Two policemen are also on the scene, and they go up to investigate.  The old woman is obviously disturbed - grunting, foaming at the mouth, and then she snaps and attacks one of the cops.  They manage to subdue her, and take the cop down for medical attention.  When they get downstairs, the doors are now barred from the outside and there's no explanation why.  More chaos ensues as everyone learns cellphones don't work, cable and internet are out, and they are being held hostage inside by the CDC.

The story progresses, with some more people being attacked and the unveiling that this is being caused by some weird mutant strain of rabies.  As it's transferred by blood, saliva, bites, etc. you can see several plot twists for how more people get infected.  What's pretty cool is the people who are infected pretty much start acting like crazed zombies (the faster kind, like in "28 Days Later"), and that adds to the tensions.  The camera gets more shaky as the tension increases,   There's some pretty interesting story twists as to how this all came about, and given part of the tagline "The residents were never seen again. No details. No witnesses. No evidence. Until now." I'm sure you can piece together how it ends up.

Definitely worth your time to watch!

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