My Name Is Bruce
My Name Is Bruce

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007

Yes... I'm a Bruce Campbell fanboi!  I LOVED IT!

Bruce Campbell stars in this film as... Bruce Campbell!  Washed-up B-movie actor, living in a trailer and starring in films such as "Cave Alien" and "Man With The Screaming Brain".  He's called upon to save the fate of a small town, after a teenager unwittingly unleashes Guan-Di, the patron saint of bean curd who was also set to guard the souls of several Chinese workers who died in a mining accident a hundred years ago.

As the teen who unleashed Guan-Di is a huge Bruce Campbell fan (also, quite awkward and kind of a douche-nozzle) he kidnaps Bruce and drags him to his tiny town to save the day.  If you ever saw the movie Three Amigos, it's pretty much the same plot lineup.  Bruce falls for the kid's young and tasty mom, but loses her favor after he runs screaming away after confronting Guan-Di.  But hey, he's a true hero and goes back to finish the job.

This is a true treat for Bruce Campbell fans - lots of hidden jokes and references, and an appearance from prior movie castmembers, this is a definite must see.  Be prepared to laugh at this enjoyable film!

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