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Released on: 2008

Formulaic horror movie - average overall.

Kiefer Sutherland stars in this movie about killer mirrors and a burned-out department store.  Sutherland plays Ben Carson, an ex-cop dealing with a shooting when he was on the force.  Or rather, not dealing with it as it's wrecked his marriage and has him living with his sister and working as a security guard.  The place he is meant to watch is a burned-out department store, which we find out later has a history as an old hospital where they did "mirror therapy" for psychiatric patients.  The mirrors are able to do more than show you images of things that aren't there, your reflection can take on a life of its own and do things that hurt you.  Sutherland's character gets his job after the previous guard's reflection slit its throat and we see the guard bleed out on the floor.  Even more so, the mirror's power reaches beyond the store.  The sister of Sutherland's character is killed in her own apartment some time after Sutherland takes the job.

The plot line is nothing new - there are ghosts, the ghosts want something (in this case, a nun who used to be a child in the psych ward and from whom these demons originated), and noone is safe as Sutherland tries to solve the mystery.  All in all though, it is a decent movie with good acting and good suspense.  The ending may not be a total shocker, but adds a nice twist.  Not a "must see" by any means, and may be worth waiting for it to be a cheap rental.

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