The Gene Generation
The Gene Generation

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007

One of the best cyberpunk films I've seen in a long time!

Based off of the comic book series The DNA Hacker Chronicles, we're dropped into a dystopian future where DNA technology with the potential to heal has eventually made its way to the hands of "DNA hackers" who steal DNA and genes in the hope of escaping to the promised land of Demeter.  These hackers are hunted by assassins, contracted to remove them and in turn are also promised eventual leave to Demeter.

We have Michelle, a hacker assassin of the highest degree.  After losing her parents, she has taken care of her brother Jackie into adulthood, a gambler and boozer with no redeeming qualities.  As an assassin, it's ironic that she lives across the hall from Christian - technically a DNA hacker, but who was one of the original designer of the transcoder technology for DNA hacking, and who wants to use it for healing purposes only.  Christian is being hunted by the leaders of the corporation that funded the transcoder work, and Michelle and her brother are caught up in it all.  Jackie finds the transcoder in hopes of selling it to pay off his gambling debt, and Christian tracks it back to him and Michelle.  They are hunted by a thug who Jackie owes money too, and their lives get into disarray.  During this time, we find that some longing glances cast between Michelle and Christian in the hallways were actually unrequited love, and they give themselves the chance to fall in love.  This movie is full of action, love, family drama, and it does it all so well!  Who would have thought that ol' DJ I.Z. would have a soft side, but this movie really does reach a lot of different levels.

Like most cyberpunk tales, the guns are blazing and the blood is flying.  I won't wreck the tale of who dies, who lives and how it all shakes out, but hopefully this has intrigued you enough to pick up a copy of this movie and check it out for yourself.  Music (and an appearance) from Combichrist is the icing on the cake of an amazing tale.  This is cyberpunk done perfectly, and is a definite must see.

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