End of the Line
End of the Line

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007


This movie wasn't bad but wasn't good either.  Kind of boring, not a lot of action.  Basically there's a religious zealot who has brainwashed a bunch of people to "save" humankind by killing them.  While on a subway, these cult members get a page that activates them to start killing.  Lots of running, chasing, fighting with knives and crowbars, then it ends.

Yeah, that simple.  A few twists - one of the cult members switches sides momentarily, but she goes back.  One of the cult leaders is a fucked up rapist.  Most of the people are bad actors.  Fin.

Don't even bother renting it.  If it's on a movie channel you already pay for, go ahead and have it on in the background, but that's about the most attention you should give it.

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