Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2009

Your biggest fear at the bar is more than just catching the clap...

A girl on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend heads to the city and meets a local country girl who likes to have a good time.  The become friends and move out to the country girl's farm (or rather, her parents farm) and the country girl proceeds to fuck anything male and wake up with the guy having been killed during the night.  The country girl's father is a creepy guy, along with her two brothers.  Nobody really talks, and they have pigs who seem to have a lot of fresh meat to eat.

True to the formula, they start to figure out what's going on and we find out that the country girl is the one behind this.  The father was a rapist and really messed her up (don't worry, he gets his).  She's got a clever plan to take the identity of the other girl to start a new life and forget her past.

This was mediocre overall - not bad, but just not really good.  A few clever twists, but not anything to make you want to run out and get it.

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