Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker
Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 1991

A young boy is traumatized after watching his father get killed by an anonymously left Christmas present.  The shenanigans that follow are a tribute to early 90s horror movies, as toys come alive and torment the town.

One evening, an anonymous gift is left at the doorstep of the Quinn's household and is addressed to little Derek.  Bringing it in, his father is killed by toy, traumatizing Derek and rendering him mute (or maybe the trauma comes from him walking in on his parents doing it...).  Following that incident, more weirdness follows as a stranger is seen lurking around the Quinn's house and Petto's toy store, a local toy store run by Joe Petto (played by Mickey Rooney for some reason) and his creepy-ass son Pino (please tell me you got the Pinocchio reference in these names).  The toy store is also the source of all the demonic toys that are appearing, and more bodies start showing up.

(Warning...spoilers follow)

As the story unfolds, we find out that this stranger is Noah, and knocked up Derek's mom before she married the guy who eventually get killed.  Apparently she's still hot for him and not too broken up about her husband's traumatic murder, and they hit it off and he's all gung-ho about taking over as Derek's dad.  We learn more about Joe Petto and Pino, that they used to live in the house where the Quinn's live, and that they are indeed the ones behind the toys.  They aren't posessed or demonic, just futzed with by Petto in a chance to get back at people who have happy families since he doesn't have one.  I'll save some of the end surprises for you to uncover on your own, but let's just say the Pinocchio references will make more sense.

So what can I say, this is the kind of early 90s movie that are delightfully cheesy but still well done.  The acting is really good, the story is your typical slasher setup with a few nice twists here and there.  I was surprised that this wasn't put out by Full Moon, since it really felt like their work, especially with the Puppet Master and Demonic Toy movies they do.  Definitely worth picking up as a rental.

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