Survival of the Dead
Survival of the Dead

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: May 6, 2010

Better than "Diary of the Dead", but another nail in the coffin of what was a great movie legacy.

Sometimes our heros in life run out of steam, and as much as I respect George Romero's work historically, I think it's time for him to turn in the towel.  I will say this is significantly better than his last film, "Diary of the Dead", but keep in mind that "better" is just relative and that's far from holding up against his other work.

I was confused originally as the introductory caption said it took place on an island outside of Deleware, and we end up with basically an Irish version of the Hatfields and McCoys.  Nothing against the fact that they're Irish, but the thick accents constantly made me question if this was taking place in Ireland instead... or if there was some plot twist I missed.  Nope.  Maybe this was a factual thing, and that particular area of Deleware has a heavy Irish population, but if so that's a minor detail that will just confuse your average person.

Outside of that, the rest of the story is just blah.  The main feud between the families on this island is that one side wants to kill the zombies to keep everyone else safe, and the other insists that there is a cure and that they should keep their zombie family members chained up until a cure is found.  One of the families takes controls, and banishes the head of the other family to the mainland.  On the mainland, you have a group of soldiers and civilians that meet up looking for a place to survive.  One of the kids is an annoying as hell little shit, who for whatever reason rips on PCs and insists that his smartphone is "the bomb".  On it, they watch some YouTube video of this deposed Irish man who is selling boats to this island in an effort to annoy his rival.  They meet up, get a boat, and head off.  As expected, the feuding continues and they are in a battle against the zombies and the other humans.  The whole thing they are waiting for is to show that the zombies will eat something other than humans, as if that's the "cure".  They do.  A horse.  Big fucking deal though, as there were no humans left so I'm sure they'll eat something.  And it's pretty expected zombie lore that they WILL eat something other than humans.

The movie is slow, not a lot happens, and can't do enough to keep your attention to care about the ending.  SPOILER: As expected, some survive, some don't, and they ride off to find the next place to live.

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