Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2009

Not as good as the description promised (even after realizing it wasn't about zombies).

Every time I saw the title "Deadland", I assumed it was a zombie movie.  After reading the description a few times (and honestly, I had to re-read the description every time I thought about the movie) I figured it would be pretty decent.  What was promised was an exciting tale in a shattered world following the nuclear attacks of World War 3.  Sean Kalos (played by Gary Weeks) is a man who survived and is crossing the country in the hopes he can find his wife.  Shortly after the movie begins, he gets drawn into the clash between a militant group under the orders of the President, and a resistance group.  The militants are taking women as prisoners both for prostitution camps, and also women and men who appear to have a natural immunity to a plague that has swept the country after the war.

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive at the beginning when I saw the name Gary Weeks credited a few too many times.  That's usually a good clue that you're in for a real "treat" (meaning - low budget).  But I must say this was incredibly well done and acted.  So why am I not gushing about this film?  Simple, it was pretty slow and a bit boring, with none of the action that the descriptions made it sound like were in store.  I figured it would be a cross of Children of Men and 13 Days Later, and while it did have some of those elements it just didn't have a very compelling story.  Read the spoiler below for the conclusion and save yourself the time.  There are plenty of better movies out there that deserve your attention.




So how does it end?  He finds his wife and they kill the militant leader after freeing the women who had an immune response to the plague.

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