Black Sheep
Black Sheep

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2006

You expect B-movie slop, but this produces grade-A entertainment.

We meet Henry and Angus Oldfield, all grown up and somewhat moved on from their childhood spent herding sheep.  Henry has become afraid of sheep, and Angus has stayed on the farm and is working to genetically engineer a new breed of sheep.  Henry and his old friend Tucker join forces with Experience, an environmental activist determined to stop what Angus is doing in his labs.  Experience's comrade in arms releases a tainted sheep specimen destined for disposal, but once unleased begins a chain of infecting sheep and humans alike (the latter turning into were-sheep).  They need to do what they can to try and survive, and see if there is a way to stop the spread beyond the countryside.

I rented "Black Sheep" specifically because I thought it was going to be a complete trash movie with a low-budget and cheesy effects.  Wow, I love being wrong.  Maybe it's that New Zealand has a way of making really good horror films - "Dead Alive" comes to mind for example.  This film follows in those footseps (mixing horror and comedy), but does it with a tremendously talented cast, great script and story.  I love the mix of comedy in there, without being over the top or just poor jokes.  There's suspense, a bit of a romantic twist (in a few ways... one of which is not the greatest), and great gore from cannibal sheep trying to feed.

Highly recommended!

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