The release of the newest Massive-Multiplayer Online Game.....Rift

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With a little bit of time on my hands and the release of a new MMO, I decided to try it out.  After putting in a few hours in here and there, I'd have to say that it's been good so far.  It's not that it brings something extremely new to the table, but the release, from what I have seen, has been pretty smooth so far.  It appears that the development team took a  look at a lot of different MMOs out there, namely WoW, for a huge inspiration, and decided to dump all the features they could into the game. 

A couple features that I find pretty damn cool are the dynamic events that take place periodically throughout your travels.  Such as, you could be running back and forth doing quests here and there, when all of a sudden, a rift opens up along the way.  You can either bypass the rift itself, or try to tackle it by taking out all the respective enemies throughout each stage, whether you're alone or with a group.  While coming upon a rift, there may be people already completing stages, but all you have to do is click the "join public group" button and start bashing heads and soon enough, when everything's been completed, you'll receive your percentage of the final reward depending on how much you put into it.  There are also other long standing events where the enemy takes a "foothold" of a area which they'll keep until you, or someone else take it back, giving you more xp and loot.  These are persistent.

Another cool feature is the way the class system is done.  It sort of reminds of the Titan Quest, but in a better way.  Instead of two classes(souls), you're picking three.  In the beginning of the game, you choose between four classes being: Warrior: Cleric: Mage, and Rogue.  From there, within the starting area, you'll pick up 3 souls within that class out of a possible 8-9 I believe.  So if you chose Rogue, you could go: Assassin/Blade Dancer/Riftstalker which each soul having their own unique abilities to add to the skill bar.  Which means, from early on, you'll have a whole selection of abilities to use at your disposal.  For my first character, I went Warrior with souls consisting of Paragon/Paladin/Riftblade  which has been a good combination.  Paladin provides a few defense abilities while Paragon and Riftblade are all out offense. 

After playing around with the Warrior, and realizing the potential for the amount and differentiating classes, I can't wait to try out a different combination.  I'm at Level 16 so far, but haven't taken screens for awhile so this is my warrior at level.  Thanks to steam for the ability to take screenshots.  For those of you who use steam, try this feature because it's pretty damn nifty.  I believe everyone gets around a gb of space, so that's pretty nice.  Anyway, the game has the regular gambit of features, and so far, everything's run pretty smoothly.  I don't want to compare it to any other MMOs, but I will say, so far, it's got my attention.  Now, I realize you're thinking, hey, it's only the 4th day it's been released and you've only been playing for 3 and I would say you're right.  I definitely haven't seen a small percentage of what this game has to offer, including the PvP component, but so far, it's been nice.  Smooth looking interface, easy to use, but I will say there are a couple components I'm still trying to figure out, including Planar Charges, but I will figure that out soon enough.  Right now, I'm on a low population server, which has been a nice way to learn the mechanics of the game, but I do look forward to the further populating of the servers to create larger, more agreesive dynamic events to participate in. 

The rift openings have been a nice distraction from the questing, and the environment created by the opening of the rifts have been well designed.  I do notice that groups are easily formed during the events which make it easier and keeps it fair when trying to help out and I truly look forward to creating more characters under this dynamic class system since it affords such openess to character creation.  And, unlike other games, I look forward to the PvP.  But, although it may sound like I'm gushing about the game, I want to reserve complete judgement.  I see that the game has gotten off to a good start (smooth launch), and may bring along some new features, but it also carries some of most MMOs annoyances including a good amount of fetch quests, but we'll see where it goes from here.

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