After the first week of release for Rift, things seem to be going well for the newest MMO....

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Now that I've reached Level 30, I feel like it's time for another post about how the game's going.  General view of the game is extremely positive.  The game certainly seems to do a lot of things right and is that because it pulls from a lot of different MMOs on how to do things specifically?  Of course, every game out there does that.  It just makes sense, especially if you do it right.  Sure, there are annoyances throughout including how easy it is to get knocked off your mount, even while riding through low level areas, but that's something I'm sure that can be fixed quite easily in a patch to come and the developers, from what I've seen have been rolling out the patch updates since launch.  I myself have had good relations with the general public of the game so far with doing different quests, helping out on rifts, and just general answers to questions in the chat box.  I would say overall that that aspect of the game has been positive.  Sure, there are still those ninja type characters who will walk around you and the enemy you're killing, to get to the copper vein you were trying to get to, but that's going to happen in any game I feel and every time I think about how to solve the issue, there's never really a good concrete answer. 

But anyway, the game itself has been quite a lot of fun.  The quests are a good mix between fetch quests, kill quests, harvest quests, group quests, rift quests, etc, and like other MMOs more recently, the quests are set up in groups where it'll lead you to an area where you can complete all your quests, then move onto the next section.  In Silverwood, the first main area for the Guardians, I felt that the quests were pretty decent with general toughness and area that they're located in.  There are also pretty good locales in the area as well.  I felt that not only were there quests in town/hub areas, but also out in the wild that can only be found if you go out searching for them, whether you're just tooling around the world searching for crafting items, looking for artifacts, or just exploring the map as you go.  It is a fun world to explore, partly because it's something new to be sure.  Some of the quests are more involved including a quest where you're turned into a werewolf and have to work and find a cure for your disease.

Being level 30, I have gone through a few different zones including the beginning Silverwood, then Gloamwood, then Scarlet Gorge, and now Scarwood Reach.  I definitely have a feeling I'll be going back to a couple of them, not only for crafting items needed to upgrade my crafting skills, but also to go back and finish quests that were left undone, whether they were group quests, epic story quests, etc.  But, even with being low level, I don't mind as much because there is still things to do including closing down random rift openings to stock up on planarites, getting crafting items, or picking up random artifacts to fill out my collections.

I've also spent some time filling out my character's collection of mounts including my horse now and then the Collector's Edition Turtle Mount.  All three mounts, being the horse, turtle, and the previously posted yak style animal, all give a 60% bonus to character speed which is definitely nice in exploring situations.  A suggestion to anyone starting the game up .  If you didn't purchase the Collector's Edition which comes with the Turtle mount, I would save all your money and buy a mount as soon as possible because with any MMO, the world is quite large and it's always nice to get around just a tad faster.  When purchasing the mounts, I did notice that there were also upgraded mounts that were able to purchase at level 50, which give I believe 110% speed bonus.  Also, looking around, I think there's also another mount, which is a large apelike animal.  Now realizing that, I will definitely be on the lookout for.

So far, although being on a PvP server, I have not come across any potential enemies in that sense.  But I believe, since the game's only been out for a week, that'll flesh out a bit more with time to come and right now I'm just enjoying the zones that I'm running through.  I've included a screenshot of the map that I took a little bit ago so it doesn't quite show the most up to date, but it shows the world for what it is.

I will say that the story so far has been pretty good and the quest dialogue/explanations have been decent enough to read so far.  Between the two factions, being Guardians and Defiants, there is quite a difference in overall story.  The Guardians are the Holy Religious race which believe in the gods, where the Defiants believe in technology to justify everything in their world.  For the Defiants, the game even starts with a sense of time travel which actually works within the storyline. 

I do feel that the leveling within the game has gone quite steady.  Being level 30 so far is just a testament to that, even though this past weekend was a major weekend for gaming, but even when logging on a bit each night rolling through a few quests here and there and then finding new areas, I feel like I'm steadily making progress in the overall leveling system, but I also want to point out, that due to the expansive class system and the amount of abilities

alloted to you, my character feels like a total badass.  I've played a few different MMOs, and from memory, my characters in them never felt like a one man army, but that could be due to the classes being overpowered at the moment and in turn needing some work on balancing, but who knows.  It also could mean that I didn't put in enough time with the other MMOs, but I will say that levelwise and gametime wise, I feel much better about my character in this game than I have in any other MMO that I've played thus far.

But, back to the overall view of the game, I'm enjoying the hell out of it.  I feel like the pacing so far, with questing and exploring, has been great, the class system is fun, the loot has been expansive and fun to achieve and the the game just looks beautiful.

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Nice screens and good review. Keep the good work!

Posted by: Elevate | 3/28/2011 6:29 AM

Thanks and welcome to the site. Hope to add more as I level up my character a little more.

Posted by: SadExchange | 3/29/2011 3:36 AM

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