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Alright, made it to 40 recently and still having a great time.  My character is definitely feeling more kickass with each level as I make my way to the level 50 cap of the game.  The soul system for my character has become more fleshed out as I'm able to throw more points into different abilities trying out new combos.  The landscapes are changing as I'm moving into new territories like the Droughtlands and Iron Pine Peak, each providing a different landscape to traverse including snowing mountains (Iron Pine Peak) and desert dunes (Droughtlands) and each zone feels really fleshed out to explore with the different areas providing little nooks and crannies to find new and cool items.  The monsters are pretty fun as well, with different enemies around each turn and I'd like to comment that the quests up until now have been enjoyable to say the least.  While the game has a nice quest log where you can queue up quests as part of your interface and it'll show locations on your map, I find it more fun just to explore and take it all in.  That's probably why I'm at the 3 day mark for total play time with this character, but I can easily tell you it certainly hasn't felt like 36 hours to me.  I was quite surprised to see a number that high, but then I look back at different areas, and screenshots I've taken and realize that my character has come quite a long way to get to the point he has and I'm definitely looking forward to my journey up to 50. 

I'm in a guild right now, well, ever since I was in my mid twenties I believe.  And strangely enough, I believe it's the top guild on the server which has been quite nice, because a lot of the guys are pretty knowledgeable in different areas of the game and are always willing to help out with quests of info needed.  With guilds being able to complete quests and gain experience to spend points on abilities, I will say it has been nice to have some of these abilities such as gaining extra planarite during rift invasions, which only keeps building up my stock as I wait to buy something truly awesome.   And not that I have to, but it's just really hard to pass up a rift as I'm adventuring because the incentive of receiving not only planarite, but special items and money is something hard to walk by for sure.  Also, since turning level 40, I was able to buy my next mount, which gives me more speed traversing the huge world.  This convenience has actually made me travel around a lot more, instead of using the fast portals between areas in the same zones because it's quick, and hey, I might find some more artifacts to add to my collections.

Back to quests, it seems like the developers are really trying to keep them fresh from level 1 to 50.  I'm still reading through all the texts as I find it interesting.  There's been quite a few quests where you actually change the form of your character into something, or someone else, like the werewolf back in Gloamwood.  This time, you could change into a centaur, cougar, and also a bandit among other things, but these little touches and attention to detail keep it interesting as the hours pass by.  And I will say, take it for what you will, but the developers are really trying their best to make this game a good experience as they have released patch after patch to balance issues out and help out the community where they can.  I feel like I could literally post hundreds of pictures to show off all the cool features and areas in this game, but I would probably blow your bandwidth. 

Just this past weekend, they held their first world event which consisted of three phases.  The first phase consisting of a couple weeks, due to a last minute glitch for servers in Europe, however, when phase 2 went live, 11 bosses were unleashed onto the world in different areas, with both Guardians and Defiants trying their best  to help each other out to take them down.  Of course, inbetween boss fights and the travels needed to get from one to the other, many pvp battles broke out which really got interesting as each faction tried to show their dominance over each other, but in the end, we moved onto phase 3, which consisted of traveling to Stillmoor, a high level are, to what I can only guess is near end game stuff.  Being low 40s made it a little hard to get there, but I did, but then there was a new instance that followed, and while I couldn't help with the instance, because of my current level, I look forward to helping my guild out in the future once I hit the cap.  This game truly has a lot to offer and I can't wait to see where the next handful of levels take me and what kind of quests I'll come across.  I'll just post one pic of the world event as we're taking down our 4 boss of phase 2, but you can clearly see that the two factions are quite separated throughout the battle, but are working together.  I will say that once the boss was downed, all hell broke loose, which made for a really interesting time:)  But for now, I'll leave it at that as I make my way higher in the levels and further across the landscape.

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