Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

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Released on: 11/30/2004
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Published by: Ubisoft

Ubisoft's second offering in the Prince of Persia series is a game that any Action/Adventure gamer will love and enjoy.



Coming out a year after Sands of Time, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within brings a lot of new features to the game, while keeping everything the fans loved from the previous Prince of Persia. Ubisoft took some time and got reactions from the first game from the fan community and actually listened to them, unlike many other developers. Not only does it give the player more features with the fighting style, but also has better graphics, and is longer than the first game by a good margin. While staying true to the Action/Adventure genre, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within leads the player through multiple puzzles, an enriching storyline stemming from the first, and also fight scenes accompanied with a more engrossing fighting style that players won't soon forget.

Warrior Within begins a few years after Sands of Time where the player finds the Prince being relentlessly pursued by what is known as a Dahaka. A creature, which is almost impossible to kill, that pursues the Prince throughout the story of Warrior Within. When the Prince saved the Sultan's empire, he created a rift in the timeline and the Dahaka has come to fix that rift, killing the Prince.. Not wanting to be pursued by this creature that seems to devour everything it its path, the Prince comes up with a plan to visit the Island of Time to stop the sands of time from being made. Seem plausible to you? While moving forward within the story, it may sometimes feel like things don't make sense or that things may seem out of place, but that's because you're constantly switching between the past and present while you traverse the Castle of Time's interior and exterior. Without ruining the story, I'll say that while progressing through the game, you'll actually be meeting up with yourself moving throughout the large levels and puzzles, but only at a different time. Sound confusing? Well, once you get through the first three quarters of the game, all this mumbo jumbo will make sense and you'll finally see the big picture and what the Prince is trying to do.

Listening to their fans, Ubisoft took the wonderful combat system that was in Sands of Time and made it so much better in Warrior Within. While you were only limited to a certain amount of moves in Sands of Time, the Prince seems to almost have an endless repertoire of combat oriented acrobatics in Warrior Within. This time around you're able to dual-wield with the ability to throw your secondary weapon at the enemy. The ability to dual-wield alone is a great feature and the amount of moves you can do with both weapons during combat is amazing, but even when you're down to one weapon, there seems to be a whole new set of combat moves to pull off. Throughout the game you'll be deciding which fighting style you like more and building your technique from there. You'll come across a few different primary weapons throughout your trials in the Castle of Time including the Eagle, Spider, Serpent, Lion, and Scorpion swords, each giving a unique ability to the Prince to add to his style of combat. If you're lucky enough and find all the health bonuses throughout the puzzles in the game, you'll find a new sword, the Water sword, which will give you the alternate ending and cinematic movie for your time spent locating them all. Finding all the power-ups within the game is more difficult than in Sands of Time because of how the puzzles are developed and the fact that you'll need to backtrack to find some, but for your troubles, you'll be rewarded. With the new added moves, you'll not only be vaulting over your enemies, but also doing some impressive twists and turns and ultimately doing a upside down twirl with your blades that will make your enemies think twice about attacking you. This ability, along with the vault your enemy over a ledge to their death below speeds up some of the longer battles in the game. Even with the addition of all these new moves in the Prince's repertoire, the combat still seems smooth and flawless between actions and enemies. After receiving the amulet that belonged to Farah from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, the Prince is still able to control time and is given 5 different powers to work with during the game.

But the combat is only a part of what makes this game great. Following along with the amazing environmental puzzles from Sands of Time, Ubisoft created even more puzzles for the Prince in Warrior Within. What makes these puzzles fun, is the fact that you'll be seeing some of them a couple times, but in different time periods such as the Castle of Time's clock tower. As you progress through the tower hoping to start it up again, you'll find that you have to travel from the present to the past and vice versa, seeing the design of the tower change because the effect of time on its gears and hinges. Also being unique from Sands of Time, you'll find the need to backtrack throughout some of the levels. Where as in Sands of Time, there was one straight path that you never crossed; Warrior Within has the Prince making multiple paths throughout the different levels and areas of the castle to reach his ultimate goal. Also adding to the puzzles, the Prince will find different chests throughout the puzzles and areas of the castle that contain items known as extra features. These extra features could be anything from a scene illustration or a short video that can be seen from the main menu. There are many chests throughout the two time periods in Warrior Within, and the incentive to collect them all is definitely worth some reply value which adds to the overall game.

The graphics have been revamped from the first and the design of the actual game has taken a turn away from the glossiness of Sands of Time. No longer are you the dignified prince from the first game, but because of being haunted by the Dahaka, the Prince has turned into a cold-blooded killer never sleeping, nor eating until he reaches his final goal of stopping the Sands from being created. Within the first few puzzles of Warrior Within, you'll know why the game was given a mature rating. Blood and gore have been added into the game which you might not notice it at first, but the first time you take your two blades and slashed them across each other cutting the head of your enemy off, you'll begin to see that this is definitely a different prince than in Sands of Time. With this darker tone, you'll either love it or hate it. Reasoning within the storyline alone is enough to see why the Prince has changed, but some may not appreciate the need for a more blood-thirsty warrior.

The sound is also different from Ubisoft's first Prince of Persia. Instead of the Arabic music heard throughout the background, you'll hear an edgier music as you slice heads off and fling bodies over balconies. During different chase scenes from the Dahaka, Godsmack tracks will be bursting onto your speakers while you try to outrun your relentless pursuer around corners and over ledges. During your skirmishes whether they're on ledges, balconies, or large rooms where you battle the giant golems, the Prince will be swinging and thrusting his swords to rock music. A very different tone since Ubisoft's first offering. Though the tone of music certainly goes with the Prince's more edgy style and mood, you'll either love it or hate it. Although the music from Sands of Time was nice even during the combat scenes, the heavy metal seems to add certain exhilaration to the battles when you're low on health and your sands of time is all that's standing between you and the next save point. There are just a couple complaints with the sound though in the game. Sometimes, while in combat or during the large puzzles, the music (Rock Music) will just cut out for no reason until the fight scene starts. And also, during some of the cutscenes, the lip-synching is a little off.

Overall, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a game that all Action/Adventure gamers will enjoy. With the addition of new moves, longer gameplay easily lasting 15-20 hours your first time through, and the incentive to find all the chest of extra features to the game, Warrior Within is a must purchase for fans who loved Sands of Time. With the darker tone of gameplay, along with some great rock tunes during the battles, the Prince will lead the player through a well-written story that will only the player wanting more. If you were a fan of Ubisoft's first Prince of Persia, but can't decide on how you feel about the different tone of gameplay, give the demo a try and let it convince you that Warrior Within is a worthy successor to Sands of Time.
Replay Value8.00
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