F.E.A.R. - Extraction Point
F.E.A.R. - Extraction Point

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Released on: 10/24/2006
Developed by: TimeGate Studios
Published by: Vivendi Games

Answering questions from its predecessor but also leaving quite a few left open Extraction Point is a good follow up to the original.



Coming to shelves on October 24th of 2006, the expansion to the last year's horror first person shooter that seemed to shock you at every turn, but can the expansion do enough to have another go around dodging bullets from every direction while trying to figure out who you are and why this crazy little girl is following you around. Giving just as much, if not more intense situations, Extraction Point tries to explain some of the craziness that came from the first game, and also give some answers to questions that you were probably having, but it also leaves a whole new batch of questions left hanging.

Trying to explain the story of either the first game or its expansion can be quite tricky, mainly because the story itself is sort of sketchy. I believe the developers, somewhere, some place, have the storyline all written out where it explains everything about the game, including who and what you are, who the crazed blood mongering man is that follows you and tries to kill you, and the entire background story of Alma, the little girl who's always one step ahead of you, whether she's helping you out by killing your enemies, or taunting you by scaring the crap out of you every now and then when jumping out from around corners, or pretty much coming out of nowhere. The story of the expansion starts exactly where the game left off last time with a huge bomb going off in the middle of the city. You're then picked up in a helicopter and from there, hell breaks loose and you'll soon find yourself in a town full of drones that don't move for some reason. As you make your way throughout the city, with a couple of your team members, you soon come upon your crazed bloody mouthed friend who wants to do everything he can to kill you and the annoying thing is, you 'killed' him in the last game, supposedly. You'll be traveling through different areas and levels such as construction sites, office buildings, hospitals, and subway systems, not to mention a parking garage. So, one thing is for sure, the scenery is a dramatic plus compared to the first game where all you did was run through office building after office building seeing the same layout designs every level.

One thing must be said though about the different level designs. Even though there are different areas throughout the game, those different areas really don't stand out. What I mean by that is, when the developers came up with the different levels, it didn't seem like they put a lot of effort into them. Take the subway for instance. Yes, it looks like a subway in every way, but there aren't those extra 'details,,รข? those little special touches that make it feel more alive. Sure, the physics in the game are great when dealing with different objects or shooting into the walls, but everything seems square in nature. All the hallways look similar in nature, along with all of the side rooms. If you've played this game and feel a little bored by level design, then you probably know what I mean. But then the same could almost be said about the different types of enemies you'll be facing. Much like its predecessor, Extraction Point really only showcases a few enemies over the six expanded levels you'll be playing through. Of course, Extraction Point has all the different soldier drones like the first, but any new enemy that's introduced doesn't really stand out in any way and because of that, you'll feel like you're just walking around a corner to the same enemy corner after corner, hallway after hallway. It may not bother many people, but if you'd played quite a few other first person shooters, you just expect a little more from developers nowadays.

The graphics in Extraction Point look just as good, if not better than the original. You still have the ability to slow time and this feature looks superb with the great graphics engine that Monolith has created. All objects within the game have weight and react well with everything else in the environment giving the game some of the best physics in ay game to date. The levels themselves look pretty good, just a little boring in most parts. The layouts of the levels are unique enough to be different from each other and Monolith has provided a little more than office buildings this time around as was mentioned above. The engine performs pretty well throughout the game, but there are some spots in the game where the frame rate just bogs to single digits for pretty much no reason that I can ascertain.

Sound within the game is just about the same as the predecessor. You'll still feel like you're in a Japanese horror film whenever you turn a corner or enter a new room. The music does a good job of keeping you on your toes with watching out for moving shadows or blood dripping from the ceilings. The conversations and yelling that comes from your enemy troops can be quite comical as you take them out one by one. The music does clue you in onto what's about to happen though, so that can be kind of a buzz kill.

Multiplayer within the game is much like its predecessor which can be quite fun if you're decent at it. If you haven't spent enough time with it, you'll be spending some hours honing your skills, but that comes with every first person shooter out there. The multiplayer is solid and will keep you busy long after you finish this game, because let me tell you, even for an expansion, it's quite short. There are six intervals in Extraction Point and you can probably finish them in under seven hours easily. And that's only if you take your time with scouring through the different levels, because of the pace of the game and always running and gunning, you'll be finishing this game pretty quick, but that's where multiplayer comes into play to extend the life of the game. The game has shipped pretty solid without many bugs, which is of course kind of implied being that it's an expansion and that most of the bugs should already be worked out, but the only problem I saw was the slowdown in frame rate in certain spots.
Replay Value8.00
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