Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Posted by SadExchange
Released on: 3/5/2007
Developed by: Iron Lore
Published by: THQ

Taking everything that was great about the originla game and adding to it Iron Lore makes their fans yet again with this great title.



Coming off the solid success of its prequel, Titan Quest Immortal Throne adds a whole other chapter to the already great mythological storyline. Coming out on March 5th of 2007, almost nine months after its prequel, fans were wishing for a lot more of the same 'Diablo-style' gameplay. Did the developers deliver? Along with the new campaign, Immortal Throne adds a new profession and a host of skills, plus fixes a few of the bugs that were left straggling after the patches for the first game. Can Immortal Throne bring the same fun gameplay as its prequel?

The story starts out right where the prequel left off. You've just taken down the Titan Typhon, and you're known throughout the land as Titan's Bane. Nifty title eh, but all is not well in the world. When Zeus and all of the other Olympians left the world of man to let man live on their own, one god stayed behind. Seeing his chance to rule without any hindrances, Hades begins to wreck havoc upon the world of man and it's up to you to stop him. But you'll have help along the way of course, in the form of some great loot. Like the original game, Immortal Throne has an endless surplus of weapons, armors, relics, etc. to find and grab, use, and sell along your way through the Underworld. You'll come across quite a few pieces of Greek Mythology like you did with your travels with the original game. People like Achilles, Agamemnon, and Odysseus, and places like the River Styx, Elysium, and the throne room of Hades himself. Although the game isn't going to teach you too terribly much about Greek Mythology, it's a nice background to a linear gameplay experience that keeps the game interesting for the 10-15 hours you'll be spending with it your first time through.

New to the game is the caravan, which is a man who travels from check point to check point who you can speak to, to hold onto different equipment for you and share the equipment between your characters more easily. This is quite a convenience because of the fact that your different characters will definitely come across different equipment throughout their travels and collecting sets of equipment is a little bit easier. Also new to Immortal Throne is the Dream profession which you can choose from in the beginning to wage war against your enemies. If I had to compare the Dream profession to anything, I would say it's a mix between a Psion and a Sage, being loads of fun and also very interesting to intersperse with the other professions. With a host of new skills to choose from, Immortal Throne has quite a lot of replay value to it adding yet another batch of different classes you can become from the mix of the different professions. Iron Lore also added an auto-sort feature to your inventory which is indeed helpful because of all the loot you'll come across in the long hours of playing this great campaign.

Although you'll be spending much of your time in the Underworld, you won't be seeing endless caves and underground caverns that look similar hour after hour, you'll instead be treated to some good graphical entertainment. The engine used in the original Titan Quest really shines in Immortal Throne and you can see the developers, Iron Lore, really took their time painting the environments making them more atmospheric in the sense that if you could imagine the Underworld of old mythology, this would definitely be a good comparison. All of the equipment that you put on looks unique and original from each other and the enemies and characters that you come across throughout the game's single player campaign look superb, even close up. I know many Blizzard fans, after playing Titan Quest, are hoping that Blizzard might take the graphical design a little towards Titan Quests with its great spell effects and uniquely styled equipment, weapons, and relics. Even though the game looks all bright and shiny, there are a couple problems with the actual engine. Sometimes when playing, the game seems to stutter, but then speeds up for a few seconds to counteract the slowness. This problem really wasn't present with the original Titan Quest and is even consistent with systems well above the recommended requirements. Iron Lore has acknowledged that there is a problem and have said that they do indeed have a fix for this problem, called 'rubberbanding,,รข? but really aren't in any position to release a patch until THQ, the publisher, gives them the okay, or rather a check to pay them for it. It's not a terrible problem and it doesn't happen all the time, so you'll either get used to it or flail your fists in the air, it's your choice. Much like the first game, Immortal Throne has the same great physics engine where enemies and equipment fall to the ground almost lifelike. This can provide some entertainment when battling hordes of enemies and watching them drop one by one.

The sound in the game is as good as its prequel. Different sounds of your enemies, whether they're coming at you full force, or dying upon your sword/spear and falling to the ground, sound great and realistic. Voice acting is also pretty decent, and maybe people have complained of it in the past, but I feel that it just adds a lot to the actual story and gameplay, and I really didn't get annoyed by it like others. The musical score played throughout the background of the game while you're traversing the Underworld is superb and really adds to whole epic feeling that the storyline flows upon.

The multiplayer within Immortal Throne is basically the same as its prequel, having the ability to link up with other players to enjoy yourselves through the lengthy campaign. Either through lan or over the internet, you'll have hours of added gameplay with others being able to trade different pieces of equipment with to complete your quests. It's not really anything different than the original besides the fact that it does seem a little easier to join a game than it has in the past and this is helpful.

Overall, this is a great sequel to a great hack n' slash game. Immortal Throne adds a lot to its prequel in every way including a new profession, new skills, a new campaign, and a lot more music and voice acting. Anyone who has had the chance to run through Titan Quest should pick this up; adding 10-15 more hours of gameplay just on one difficulty alone could boost your hours of gameplay to new heights. With some great graphics, great sound, and an entertaining storyline, Titan Quest: Immortal Quest is really a game everyone should pick up to have fun with.
Replay Value9.00
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