Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Released on: 11/5/2007
Developed by: Infinity Ward
Published by: Activision

With both the SP and MP components Infinity Ward have done an exceptional job updating the series in a great direction.



Finally breaking away from the World War II content that most first person shooters seemed to be stuck on for the past few years, Infinity Ward has come back with a new entry in their iron clad series that jumps ahead to present day to try and give the player a new experience. Releasing on November 5th of 2007, just in time for the holiday shoppers, Infinity Ward with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, try to give the player an all around experience with an intense single-player campaign and an evenly intensified multiplayer component that has longevity and staying power to last for quite a while, but can they pull it off?

Much like previous Call of Duty games, you're able to play a couple different soldiers throughout the campaign. The story is more intense and situations are dire more than in than the previous installments with the availability of nuclear bombs to the world's most evil characters. Throughout the campaign you'll play as two special op units, one from the United States, Sgt. Paul Jackson, and the other from Britain, Sgt. 'Soap' MacTavish. And not to spoil too much, you'll also be playing as another special ops soldier of S.A.S. that takes place fifteen years prior to your actions that fits in perfectly into the story and gives it more depth. Through both story lines, you'll be traveling across the eastern continents traveling all across the middle-east and across the great country of Russia including the decimated city of Chernobyl. All the locations within the campaign look and feel superb and you'll find yourself just staring at some of the locales as you progress because of the visual quality that Infinity Ward gives the player throughout the storyline that's line with intense moments and tricky gunfire battles. The story, although told decently well through dialogue transmissions and smaller in-game cutscenes, is pretty simple in the fact that some bad guys are trying to get a hold of nuclear weapons to lay waste to free nations and it's your job to stop them. As you progress through the campaign, you'll come across different twists and turns in the story and you'll find yourself not only going after the scrapping Al-Asahd, but the top dog himself who is leading the revolution against those who choose to be free. Like all of the Call of Duty previous to Modern Warfare, you'll begin with a simple tutorial level which shows you how to shoot, aim, run, jump, etc and from then on, you're thrust out on your own with the first mission in the middle of the ocean on a large ship. From then on, the situations you're subjected to only get more intense whether you're battling off hundreds of rebels with only a group of five marines or shooting down hundreds of enemies out of the side of a helicopter in the heat of battle. Much as previous installments have had hours of fierce gun battles that rage on level after level, Modern Warfare is no different, but what is somewhat different is the fact that in the fourth installment, Infinity Ward cut out a lot of the repetitive gun battles that seemed to drag the game out in a boring way, but what's left is an intense six to eight hour campaign that can be finished in one sitting if you take the time to do so.

While this can be considered short in today's standards of first person shooters, rarely does a game in this genre give the intensity through every minute of the entire game like Modern Warfare does. Certain missions, such as All Ghillied Up, where you spend quite a bit of time crawling on your hands and knees through the outskirts of Chernobyl with a sniper rifle never really having to take a shot, may sound like it might slow the pace of the game down, but the way that Infinity Ward makes you crawl through rows of soldiers who are marching right over you and dogs that might sniff your scent, really keeps your interest the entire time. While previous installments have had stories that tend to go the way of the protagonist, Modern Warfare gives a grittier tone to the game and while I won't spoil the story for you, you'll probably be somewhat surprised by the conclusions of the storylines of the two soldiers you'll be playing.

Visuals in the game are stunning, but what is really impressive is the optimization of the engine that the game runs on. Simply put, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the most optimized game of the year, and this is not just saying that it runs flawlessly with a good system, but also that even with a medium rig, you'll be able to have some really great visuals without the usual hiccups you find from newer games coming out this year and in past years. Infinity Ward really took their time with this new engine and really fine tuned it quite well before release. If you've run across some screenshots of the game before and believe that they may be touched up because of good they look, no need to worry, the game just looks that good. Facial features expressed from friendly soldiers with have you catch yourself staring while playing because of how realistic they look throughout the entire campaign. And not enough can be said about the environments throughout the campaign. Whether you're on a ship in the middle of the ocean or using the famous carousel shown in many Chernobyl pictures for cover, you'll be impressed with the visual sense of the game in all of the levels. As you trudge building through building in the middle-eastern levels, you'll appreciate the physics engine as you're able to shoot through objects such as wooden doors, like in real life. Infinity ward has now created a realistic experience with their programming of the bullet in Modern Warfare tracing the actual trajectory from the gun to its destination with calculating velocity as it goes through different objects including people.

Also to note is the sound in the game. Whether it's the shouting of your fellow solders in the heat of battle or the screaming cries of your enemies as you take them out one by one, you'll be more than happy with the sound throughout the game. Another component to note is the sound of the multiple guns that you're able to use throughout the many missions that all have their own sound, and effects such as frag grenades or flash grenades that will have your ears ringing if you're standing too close to them when they go off. Voice acting is done superbly whether it's your fellow soldiers barking out orders at your side, or your Captain giving you a briefing of the mission right before you start. Sound effects and just the overall environmental atmospheric sounds just make the game that much more intense when trying to defend your position against what seems like an endless parade of your enemy hour after hour, mission after mission.

With the multiplayer, Infinity Ward could have easily just cranked out an exact replica of its previous games with different textures, but they added a bit more this time through and much to the liking of the fans. Now, when playing multiplayer, you'll be gaining experience to virtually 'level-up' where you'll be able to unlock all of the multiplayer content including all of the classes and their specific perks and if you feel like being different, you can even go on to create your own class. There are six different modes of multiplayer which range from the regular deathmatch and team deathmatch to a new style where you'll be dragging around a bomb throughout the level to take out your enemy equipment across the map. These separate modes add quite a bit of replayability to the overall game as you'll be building up your experience enhancing your character with different guns and classes through the ranking system. On the PC, you're able to have up to 32 players going in one match which can create some havoc and the maps available are centered around some of the places that you've played through during the single-player campaign and each map offers advantages for the different classes like spots where snipers could hide and take out their prey one at time. You'll find that the multiplayer can be as intense as the single player when wanting to build up your experience to enhance your character and there are some bonus perks as well when playing such as killing three or five opponents in a row and having the ability to make your hud show more of your enemies on screen or even calling in an air strike on your opponents. There is just a lot more depth to the multiplayer this time around that will give it the longevity that the online deserves. You almost want to look back at the older online shooting games and wonder why you didn't expect more from them.

Overall, this is classic in the sense of the intensity that it delivers from beginning to end. Whether you're in the single-player campaign or battling others online, you'll be at the edge of your seat. It's your choice how you take the shortness of the single-player, you can look at it as seeing that there isn't any fluff in the campaign to lengthen it or just moan about how short it is, it's gonna be your choice, but be rest assured that the multiplayer will keep you occupied for months to come once you've completed the campaign. With its different options and modes of gameplay, classes and weapons, there are many options to choose from when entering each online map. Although the single-player campaign alone isn't worth the admission, add the multiplayer component and it seems like steal. You'll find yourself asking why you were satisfied with so little before you picked up your copy of Modern Warfare. And there's not a lot to worry about with the stability of the game. Although there may be some very minor and minimal bugs that show up in different spots, they in no way take away or hinder the player from the overall experience and could easily be picked up in a patch down the road, and that's even if you notice them anyway.
Replay Value9.00
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