Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: February 16, 2010
Developed by: Rebellion
Published by: SEGA

Not a bad reboot to this classic PC game, with great atmosphere and plenty of action.



I know there's been some disappointment posted around about this title, but I have to admit I don't totally agree with it.  Yes, I'm a huge fan of Aliens - movies, books and games - but I'm also impartial enough to mention when something doesn't deserve praise.  Well, this game isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it is definitely enjoyable and worth playing through.

You have a chance through the campaign to play the marine, alien and predator, each with their own unique weapons and movement abilities.  The Marine campaign is what I tackled first, and I must say it definitely freaked me out at times.  With a dark atmosphere, the music and sound really adds to the tension as you're running around.  The beep of the motion detector as the aliens get closer really add to it, especially when they pop around a corner or on the ceiling, or when there's a beep but nothing around at all.  The weapons are great, and I liked the addition of the high powered rifle in addition to the more normal pulse rifle/flame thrower you would expect.  You definitely need to be careful with the flame thrower, especially with acid damage!  Those aliens cook and burst when they're covered in flames.

Next up I went through the Alien campaign, but quickly found out I was going to have some problems.  The ability to walk up walls and on different terrain is really cool, but I'll be damned if I didn't have a hard time with the controls and get disoriented.  After some time I did adjust, more towards the end, so for those that are challenged like me you should probably plan a bit of extra practice.  I found that going into the alien required a bit more cunning over the marine, realy changing how I approached the game.  After a few humans got implanted though, I got the hang of it.  Going up against the predator was probably the hardest for me, but I was happy the game threw a few extra aliens into the fray to help me out.  Still, they are pretty simple in the strategy department, so you do have to do the heavy lifting.

Finishing it up was the Predator campaign, which I enjoyed for the weapons (although I wish they had the net...).  You need to progress through the game to get all of the weapons unlocked, but the game is structured so you get to use them a good deal in turn.  I loved having invisibility and knocking down prey from afar, but the invisibility will fizzle out depending on the environment and different conditions, so don't think it's "set it and forget it", you have to make sure it's still on.  Even when it's on, you can get spotted, which I like because it added some good challenges.  Unlike what you see in the movies, you don't get an unlimited amount of energy in the plasma caster, which makes you think about how to preserve it and use your blades for a lot of the dirty work.  Jumping around is something not only fun to do, but gives another aspect of strategy you need to factor in to your assault.

The story of the three campaigns is good and interesting in their own right, but overall it felt like it went by a bit to quickly.  I'm guessing the main catalyst for this release was the multiplayer, so we'll discuss that next.  Pure fun!  I will admit as of this writing I haven't clocked as many hours as I maybe should have for a review, but I really have enjoyed it and the ability to try and strategize with your team.  You definitely have a fighting chance with any of the races, but I've got a personal preference to shooting a gun and so you're most likely to catch me on the side of the Marine.

Outside of somewhat clunky controls (at least until you get the hang of them), and the shortness of the campaign, this is a good game and worth trying out.  It's different from the original, so it's not just rehashing old content.  You get to play some new stuff, try out some new dynamics, and the atmosphere of the Marine campaign alone makes you appreciate what went into this.  So pick it up and try it out.  Even if you're not an Aliens fanboy like myself, I think you'll find something you like.

Replay Value6.50
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I got to spend only about an hour with the Marine campaign, but I will further the remark of IZ that the atmosphere is done quite well. Even though it's not the best looking game for its generation, it still easily has the ability to make you jump out of your seat when an alien comes up on your back. While it seemed like the campaigns are indeed short and if IZ is completing this game within a year's time, it is, it still seems to give Aliens vs Predator fans what they've been waiting for. Sorry IZ about the time comment:)

Posted by: SadExchange | 4/26/2010 2:56 PM

The time comment is well-deserved on my part :o)

Posted by: DJ I.Z. | 4/27/2010 10:41 PM

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