Yearly Top Ten PC Game Picks
Hundreds of different games come out each year in many different genres, for the computer. Across multiple genres including real-time strategy, role-playing, turn-based strategy, action, adventure, among others, and of those hundreds, there are always a top few that stand out above the rest. Based upon all of their components being, graphics, storyline, gameplay, sound, stability, replay value, and a multiplayer component (if included), these games were graded and judged against others of their respective years. If you have any arguments or questions about the lists, please feel free to comment.

Top Ten List 1997-2007
It seems like every year, all of the large gaming sites come up with a "Top 100 Games Ever." Aren't you a little tired of these sites making these lists every single year, usually changing up the lists with new entries? It's one thing to try and include new games that are released each year, but there are multiple instances where they add older games that weren't originally on the list. How does that work? Because of this, I've scoured the net through hundreds of lists, reviews, community viewpoints, and of course, my own personal opinions and came out with this top ten/twenty list of different genres and systems including all your favorite old style consoles in a set amount of time from 1997-2007. Some systems, such as the SNES and Nintendo 64 were released earlier along with their games, so a top ten overall was given for those systems that have run through their lifetime. Check it out. Any comments, arguments; list them, and give reasons behind your changes.