2010 - almost at an end

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Well, it's time to start waxing poetic about 2010 in general.  In just a few days we'll be ringing in 2011 and making another trip around the sun.  It was a good year and a bad year.  Most people know from my personal standpoint the bad, so we won't dwell on that, and instead we'll focus on the good.  We had another great year for the website in general and the Plagued By Rhythm podcast.  Fueled by the fantastic artists, supportive labels and fans, myself and COG_nition had some pretty diverse shows to share with you all.  I can say already it's hard to narrow down a "best of" list for the year, but we'll make it work.  As usual, the lists I'm seeing elsewhere are ones I personally disagree with, but I'm sure lots of people disagree with our choices too!  That's the fun of diversity and being fans :)

Another fun thing for this year was COG_nition introducing me to "binary days"!  I'm happy that 2011 is going to let us celebrate a few more of those.  I'm trying to set a few resolutions to enhance the shows, and would love feedback on more.  For starters, we're going to try and get more requests sent in!  Yes, that means we need YOU involved, and the goal here is to be sure you're getting to hear the songs and bands you like.  Thanks to COG_nition's help, we're going to keep a goal of not missing any shows (I think only a few were missed in 2010).  We're also trying to get the show to go viral again, so we'll be spreading the word and hope you'll do the same.

That's it from this end for now.  Back to work in putting together the year end show.


Luke / DJ I.Z.

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