It's good to be back!

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Wow, I move so infrequently I always forget what a time-consuming, pain in the ass it is!  I was way too optimistic about having a show for last week.  After my stuff arrived at the new place, I wasn't thinking about the fact that I had to unpack it first.  Duh!  Needless to say the basic staples of life took precedence for unpacking, and outside of work that only left a little time for that.

Luckily this weekend provided time for the DJ equipment and most of the CDs (I'm thinking I should have thinned these out BEFORE I moved), and I was finally able to get back to things.  First, I love the new place and the way I'm able to lay out my equipment.  It's just much more conducive to recording the podcast and I wish I would have done this before.  I did take pictures of the "old" place, and I'll have to get those uploaded as well as some new shots here... at least once I'm done cleaning up.

Regardless, thank you all for sticking with us during this transition time.  My next to-do item is to start preparing our Halloween Special for this year.  If you're interested in contributing, please get in touch.

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