Rebooting life into the new year

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Sometimes it's good to purge - that sense of accomplishment you get from doing away with things that have been left to rot.  Unfortunately, I'm to blame for that same thing happening to portions of this website over the past year (and maybe longer).  I sincerely apologize to people who posted to the Forum, only to have their questions/comments go unanswered, and to those of you who would check back for fresh content only to see new reviews only being posted once a year.

Perhaps it's no surprise then that I'm hoping 2012 is going to bring a revitalization to this website.  I've cut out the forum (spambots had taken over anyway), and have done away with the Book section of the website.  Instead, I'm going to let much more capable hands take that portion over.  Our good friends at Fantasy Matters have graciously asked us to contribute to them, and I feel that is a much better forum for book reviews to be found.  Of course, they have a lot more than just book reviews, so please go check them out and enjoy!

Part of the trimming is also the realization that I'm going to have even less time going forward.  With a baby on the way in a month or so, it's obvious that will be a big focus for my free time.  I plan to continue DJing and writing movie reviews, but please don't be surprised if you see some parts of this website fall off in 2012.  It's not because we don't like what we've done or don't support it, mostly it's because we may just not have the time to focus like we'd want and don't want people to see tumbleweeds and dust bunnies on this site.

All that being said, there's always excitement as a new year is about to begin.  From the plastiksickness family to you and yours, have a very Happy New Year!



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