Plagued By Rhythm - 2/18/2016
Hosted by: DJ I.Z.
Duration: 1:01:57

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DiverjeBurn Away [Whore Rmx]BurntDSBP Records
CyanoticResurgenceTranshuman 2.0Glitch Mode Recordings
Cyborg AttackWar DesireBlutgeldNoiTekk
HexRxNightmareDNegative Gain Productions
WolfbainCastle of the DamnedDas Bunker: Fifteen Minutes Into the FutureDas Bunker
HocicoSpit as an OffenseSangre HirvienteInterbeat Records
Dust is NoiseFracturedFractured FormsVendetta Music
SeelennachtMechanischZeitenwendeFuture Frame
VNV NationStreamlineAutomaticAnachron America
CosmicityIn-Flight [Delobbo Rmx]In-FlightA Different Drum
Selene RiotGothfarm Inc.Extreme Sundenfall 12Upscene
PzychobitchFitter Than You (vs. Hanin Elias)The Day AfterCOP Int'l
C2Everything DiesQuadrants[Self-Released]

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