Urceus Exit - Compensation For The Sound Of Silence
Compensation For The Sound Of Silence

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: September 1, 2009
Label: Artoffact Records

Exceeding all my expectations, the new Urceus Exit album is nothing short of amazing.

Urceus Exit offers us an amazingly produced album with "Compensation For The Sound Of Silence", and it definitely is more than sufficient compensation!  What I loved about this is the progression and diversity Urceus Exit shows, moving past some of the more ambient electro tendencies of "Contra" and subsequent bonus/remix albums.

I have to say I loved this album from start to finish, but the first track "King" really grabbed my attention.  There's something about the progression of the track, moving from an intro bit into a phenomenal futurepop-ish track.  The album progresses on a varied note, keeping the listener interested in what comes next.  I see this updated incarnation of Urceus Exit as blending elements of synthpop, futurepop and electro for the most part, with tremendous vocals to tie it all together.  What was really interesting was the harder edge we find especially on the last three tracks.  It reminded me a bit of I, Parasite's album "On This Cold Floor" and even a little bit of NIN.  On the rest of the album I'm really reminded of the style of Edge of Dawn, and would recommend fans of that band to also check this out.

To sum it up, I was really blown away by this release.  Urceus Exit has thrown together an updated sound that's diverse, yet still keeping to the sound that fans of "Contra" will remember.  I'd highly recommend to anyone.  It's great for those needing a break from EBM that's too harsh and other synthpop that's too soft, and are looking for some good middle ground.  Urceus Exit provides just that.


Reviewer's note: This covers Disc 1 of a 2-disc release from Urceus Exit.  While technically an imcomplete review, it offers great insight into what listeners can expect.

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