Caustic - ...And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit
...And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2010

Another well-done release for Caustic, with some really excellent tracks including my favorite, "The Saint of Fuck-Ups".

With a switch to a self-released album, "...And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit" is another chapter in the musical career of Caustic.  Keeping the same Caustic sensibilities, the newest album is a trip in rhythmic noise and powernoise with industrial undertones.  This album is, for me, a deviation to some more minimalistic noise.  This isn't to say the music isn't well done or is lazy, it's more a distinction that a lot of the tracks aren't heavily layered powernoise anthems, but rather some excellent tracks stripped down to their base elements.  Take "Meat Market Carnivore" as an example - this is a simple beat, minimal synths layered on, and a repeated sample.  Likewise, "Bad Habits" is a slower track with a catchy drum beat and appropriately layered noisy synths, and Caustic steps out of his better known growly vocals for softer ones.  "Appetite for Distraction" and "Shrapnel Condition" add a bit more back in, speeding up the tempo and adding more bass to the mix.  "Bueno Excellente" is a bit avant garde, with a sampled selection in the middle that sounds like the orchestral interlude from a 1950s movie or cartoon, followed by a spoken rant.  "My Crutch" is an acoustic offering featuring Dan Clark of The Dark Clan with punk sensibilities (think of how NOFX ends some albums), and was an unexpected gem.

The original album tracks aren't as club-friendly as some of Caustic's other work, but I don't think they need to be.  This is a very well done album, solid in production and feels like a natural progression in Caustic's musical history.  New fans to the scene may not find this to be the most approachable album to start with, but those who have been following Cautsic will be able to pick this up and see a new chapter unfolding.

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