Diverje - Burn Away
Burn Away

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: December 2010
Label: DSBP

Another progression in Diverje's history - this album is probably one of the most approachable and well-executed albums from this pioneer of the electro-industrial sound.

Although it's been a few years since Diverje's 2007 release "Stitched", Tommy T has been busy arranging two remix albums and working on this year's release "Burn Away".  This release finds Tommy T anchoring the traditional Diverje sound, along with Adam Lane of Obscure Descension offering some synth work and guitars, and a cast of a few others making contributions and offering remixes.  Those not familiar with OD will note the somewhat "dancier" sound that it brings to the mix, while not taking away from the emotion of Tommy T's vocals.

As the album opens with "Suffer This World" (my pick for favorite track), you get a real taste for what the album is going to offer: hard beats, harsh vocals raw with anger, well-crafted synth lines to give it body, and crashing guitars mixed in as well.  That being said, there are a few switches to the style with the well-executed cover of Depeche Mode's "Leave In Silence" which left me amazed after I went back to compare it to the original.  "Everything Is Wasted" is also slightly less harsh, with more rock elements woven in, and the last original track "It's A Bong (Not A Bomb)" offers samples in lieu of vocals over some super-speedy, bouncy beats.  The remix from Proyecto Crisis of "Suffer This World" and a retouch of "Superficial Slut" give a few of these tracks a bit more appeal for the club, although I personally think the original "Suffer This World" is well suited for mixing too.  Vigilante throws down some metal-infused riffs as a remix treatment on "Evil Never Dies".

Compared to past releases, this is one of the more polished, approachable albums that Diverje has put out, and hopefully will get a few new fans to turn on to this long-running staple of the electro-industrial scene.  Previous albums were a bit harsher in their execution, mostly as an enhancement to the message behind them, but "Burn Away" offers the same in-your-face attitude with a smoother package to wrap it in.  This is music that means something to the people behind it and it shows.

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