An American Haunting
An American Haunting

Posted by SadExchange
Released on: 2005

This IS a piece of shit. But let me elaborate a little. I think YAZS gave this film too much credit, mentioning this and Emily Rose in the same sentence is crazy. This movie is complete trash. I thought, with Donald Sutherland and Sassy Spacek, this title would have a chance and from the previews they showed on commercials, I thought this movie would be great, but that's where I went wrong. I assumed. Yes, I realize that at the end of the movie, it says that this film was based on true events, but geez did they fuck up the facts to make what they thought would be a great movie.

YAZS gave the story line, being "We find a girl who is being plagued by an evil spirit, and so is her father...," but I have to add that there is a brief, and I saw very brief 2 minutes at the end where they bring you back throughout the film to try and piece together what the hell was going on and I'm still confused. From what I got, yeah, the daughter was possessed, by what, we don't know, but from the flashbacks, it seems that the daughter was also sexually abused by her father and this fucked her up even more. Hell, at the end, I thought the daughter had died, but the real girl, Betsy Bell, didn't die till she was 88. If you were to look up the true facts about the Bell Witch, it wasn't anything close to this movie. Honestly, the directors should have stuck more to the facts than trusting their money in the hands of a fucking three year old, because I can't imagine anyone older writing the shit story that plagued my DVD player for over an hour and a half. Like YAZS said, save your money and send it to him, and then I'll take my share out of that.

If you want to read about the story that should have been in this movie, google 'The Bell Witch.'

And a word to any director trying to make a scary movie out there, just moving the camera across the screen and having a girl, faded like a ghost, with long black hair, appear out of nowhere for one quick second isn't scaring anyone anymore. Just another time that American's take one thing that scared people once and using it over and over again throughout every 'scary movie.' Seriously, I want something that's gonna make me piss myself, not some like black haired chick who looks like she hasn't showered in 15 years.

Creeping Death Out!!

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