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Well, I'll talk a little about the game now that I've spent some time with it.  First thing's first, this is a solid game for sure.  If you're a real fan of role-playing games, you're gonna enjoy this game.  If you're a fan of the Gothic series, you're gonna enjoy this game.  If you're a huge fan of games like Oblivion or Fable, you're gonna need to get yourself in a mood to play this game.  Make no mistake, this is a RPG in every sense including the most basic design of explore and conquer.  There is a compass in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, but it doesn't point you to your next objective or the nearest town.  You do have maps for the different regions, but you need to find them first and they're basic in design.  This is a game about exploring your surroundings and finding new treasures each time you come across a different path.  To be honest, I don't really use the map at all since I've played.  I think I might have used it twice in order to see what direction the path I was taking was leading me towards.


This game can be hard, hell, if you're not quick saving, you're fooling yourself, but it's the kind of hard, where you know why you're dying.  There is some strategy to it.  Character creation is solely based off the way you want to play.  Quests can be found, or left behind as you wish.  It really depends on how you're feeling with your play style.  I myself would rather complete some side quests in order to get some more experience points to getting better with skills, but to each their own.  The direction you want to take with your character is your own; with three different factions to join to bring about three different playing styles, this game has quite a few choices.  Not only for character design, but also for the completion of quests, such as who you want to help and why.


The game looks beautiful.  Is it the latest and greatest engine out there?  No, but what it does, it does well and you can tell the detail and design work that went into creating an island for your adventures.  One nice feature is that there are no loading screens for going in and out of buildings.  One load on the startup does it is all and there are loads between chapters, to progress the story, but no need for loading between that, unless you get your ass kicked..  And it will let you kick your ass, if you let it.  Hell, there's even a guy during one of the optional quests who sounds like he's going to help you, then leads you away from town and then proceeds to kick your ass.  This isn't the type of game that holds your hand as you get accustomed to the controls, or your character, or even the world and setting around you.  You're basically thrust onto this island, like your character is, without anything to go off of and you then proceed to start both your journey in the game and your character's adventure.  But don't be too dismayed by the use of the phrase "getting your ass kicked."  Your character will become stronger, whether using magic, melee combat, range combat, or a combination of these skills, but that's not all.  You'll be able to sneak around and steal stuff, pickpocket different individuals and more as you traverse the jungled island to progress through your journey.  The game will become easier with each new level you gain and with that, each new skill point you add to your character.  Enemies that were once hard to kill, can now be taken out in groups without care and that's where I really have been enjoying this game.  The power you receive from level is power you feel while playing.


Atmosphere is what the developers wanted to pride themselves on in this title and I believe, from my 10 or so hours of playing so far, have succeeded quite well.  Everything from the world's design, to the music, to the voice acting seems real when you're making your way around the different locales.  After running along the different pathways, you begin to notice the time that the developers took in detailing the world you're running around in.  Waterfalls, cave systems, and swampfilled camps are littered across the island and every once in a while, your attention is drawn back to the volcano in the center as the screen begins to shake notifying you that there's lingering danger still out there to be found.


Features that bring the atmosphere of the game are ideas that were kept from the Gothic titles, such as after killing different animals out in the wild, you're able to take meat off of them and then cook it up and use it to gain hitpoints when you've taken damage.  Also, if you've received training for it, you can skin the animal and then sell the skins to different traders to either gain more gold or trade for items that you may need along your travels.  Little touches like this bring a flavor (pun intended) to the game that other role-playing games shy away from.


I could easily keep going on and on about this title, but honestly, I just want to get back to playing more and putting in more hours to gain levels and new abilities with my character.  So, if there's interest, I'll post more as I play more.  While I'm playing, I'll keep my purse loaded for times that I come across my favortie brothel.  Yeah, this game has quite a bit to it, but that's what makes it so much more appealing than the average release.


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Awesome write-up SadEx! Great description of what we can expect from this game, and always nice to know when a brothel is included :o) I have to admit this isn't my cup of tea, but I'm still interested to hear how it goes for you and how your character progresses.

Posted by: DJ I.Z. | 10/3/2009 11:39 PM

looks like a decent game, but my beef: no multiplayer. Who said RPGs can either be single player or massively multi? All i could think about playing morrowind and oblivion is how much more fun it would be to have a friend play with me. it just makes me sad that same-system 2 player seems to be going the way of the dinosaur because thats what adds a ton of fun to games for me.

Posted by: Beechy | 10/5/2009 6:21 AM

Got this game recently, and havent had a ton of fun with it. I wanted to be a mage, only i've gotten 4 hours into the game and still no magic...and that means i need to waste skill points on weapons skills instead of magic skills. So it seems pretty hard to be a "pure mage" of any sort. Also, even on easy difficulty baddies are HARD. there was one boss that was IMPOSSIBLE to beat in a straight up fight, i had to use all my stat points on "staff fighting" (you need to use a staff to fight him) and he still blocked everything and it took like 50 hits to bring him down. I only beat him because i saved every time i hit him and loaded every time he hit me, mostly necessary because he kills me in 1-3 hits. I looked on some forums and apparently there are a few quest paths that can weaken him, but good luck finding any mention of that in the game. Well, i guess i didnt look for them necessairly either, because i just wanted to get story quests out of the way so i could learn some friggin spel

Posted by: Beechy | 11/14/2009 7:21 PM

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