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Alright, after spending a little more time and taking breaks during patching sessions, I've reached level 22 on my Warrior, while messing around with a rogue, cleric, and mage just a little bit.  I'm moved into the first contested area in the PvP server and have not been victim to any ganking so far, although I talked to another character who was running from the direction I was heading, talking about a couple guys messing with him in the quest area.  But when I got there, I had not worries as I didn't come across anyone.  After putting in a few more hours, well, a good amount of hours, I'd have to say that this game is really providing some good entertainment.  I initially created my characters on a low population server and a good 4 hours in, I thought that I had made a mistake, due to lack of seeing anybody and realizing a good portion of this game is presented to a group form.  I'm not saying you can't solo everything, because a huge percentage of the quests are soloable, and even the rift openings, if done correctly, can be done by one person within reason of their respective level, but sometimes you just want to group up and start closing rifts and footholds that have opened up across the map.  Last night was just that night, as I was doing some questing on my own, a zone wide message was spread about an invasion from rift invaders, which started out with multiple large rifts opening up across the map and large and small town/settlement invasions taking place, so I headed to the second largest settlement on the zone I was in and started helping out the locals.  While I was there, I easily grouped up with a few guys, who then became a good amount of people and it instantly became a raid.  This zone wide event went on for a while as we closed rifts and defended towns until the last component of it took place, with a large boss battle against Markul.  After a large group of us took him down, we were all rewarded accordingly for what we put into it. 

There are a few different types of currency in the game including, silver, gold, platinum, planarite, soul shards, and lucky coins.  Once you're playing, it all makes sense.  What I enjoy is the opportunity to always find something new along the same paths.  What I mean by that is that there are a multitude of artifacts to find everywhere which belong to sets, which when completed can be turned in for lucky coins, which can then afford you the option to buy special items.  I know what the developers are doing.  It seems quite easy.  It's your average everyday consumer running along a path going, "ohh, shiny."  And it works, because the sets make you build towards a completion which in turn rewards you with cool stuff.  Which only adds to the argument about achievements, which it has.

And with any MMO out, it has daily quests which keep appearing to help you level.  One thing I should say is the game looks good.  Although it takes a pretty current computer to max it, it looks good with everything almost at max as well.  And with having a good engine to support the game, I have to say that the environments look really good so far with just moving into the next zone and getting a whole different range of colors and places.

I know I touched on it last time, but it really needs to be said, especially now that I've delved into a couple different classes for a few levels, but the class system is great to say the least.  The amount of options afforded to you for what you want your character to be like in the field of battle, whether it's support, offense, defense, etc, you can do it with any class, but in totally different ways.  The class system allows anyone to create a character of their own design.  Want to play a warrior class, but have a pet?  Go with the Beastmaster Soul as one of your classes.  You really can't begin to understand the amount of options until you open up a couple characters.   Here's a screen taken of the class system layout with the three souls with their abilities given.  Above the class names is where you allocate your points and below is what they call the "root system."  As you begin to put more and more points into the class, that will in turn start unlocking more abilities for that class giving you more instant and passive abilities.  The nice thing is, if you really want, you can just stick all of your points into your main class and forget the other two, or respec your character when you want.  Also, after about level 13, you'll even get the chance to pick new souls if you don't like your current selection.  You'll begin doing quests to unlock those souls to trade in when you'd like, all pertaining to your main class such as Warrior/Mage/Cleric/Rogue, but this is a nice feature.  From everything within the game, it appears that the developers are making things easier, but not making them dumb.

One thing that is not present, that I hope can be patched in soon enough is the "looking for group" feature to say run a dungeon.  Although it's easy to get into a group when running around doing events, you're not able to just set up a group like other MMOs out, but hopefully that will change.  Also, I did experience a weird bug where after awhile, my armor would change to a dark red/brown color, but in the past 3-4 hours, that hasn't happened, but I have read about other having the same issues.

I'm gonna post one last pic to show off how the rifts look from a good distance away.


It really sets the mood for a sort of apocalyptic sense of urgency to either get away or to shut it down. There's a lot more to this game that I'm missing, but hopefully with more posts to come, I can illustrate all the features that make this game shine so far.  I will also note that they've been going offline here and there to implement patches on what seems like a daily basis.  You can take that different ways, but 45 minutes here, 2 hours there, as long as the game becomes better, I don't mind, because I'm already enjoying it. 

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