Top 10 Turn-Based Strategy 1997-2007

Civilization IV
Using an enhanced version of the same graphics engine that was used to Sid Meier?s Pirates!, Civilization IV takes all the great features of the previous installments, plus fixed almost all the problems and gave their fan community an all around great game. Civ games were never really known for their intense graphics, only their in-depth gameplay and Civilization IV definitely delivers. With using the Pirates! Engine, Firaxis give the Civ series a 3D enhancement with many different colors that just feels right as you decide to either nuke your opponents or deal with them peacefully. With so many ways to win each game, and the great multiplayer, Civilization IV is an easy recommendation to the list.
Disciples II: Gold Edition
What really makes this turn-based strategy stand out is the amazing artistic design that it brought with the game. Never mind that the game wasn?t in 3-D, because this game had better 2-D visuals than some 3-D games, but it?s not all about graphics is it? But when I refer to the artistic talent that was brought into the game, I?m talking about the style and the darkness that?s brought into the game from the artwork itself. Mix in some great storytelling, some good sound effects and environmental music, plus the different races, and you can?t forget the great combat system, and you have one of the best turn-based strategy games of the past ten years. If you haven?t heard of this game, put it on your ?to buy? list because you shouldn?t let a gem like this go unchecked if you?re a TBS fan.
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords
Making a massive space strategy turn-based strategy game can be quite difficult, but it seems like Stardock knows everything there is to know about the space strategy genre. In this game, you have the ability to either pick from a host of races, or customize your own, and then go on from there to build an empire, either through one of the game?s many scenarios/storylines or just go into open gameplay. One awesome feature in this game is the ability for the player to create their own ship with tons of different customizations that actual matter if you care how fast your ship can go, how much cargo it can carry, or how many people it can transport. With a decent graphics engine, and a good soundtrack to keep you awake through the hours and hours of gameplay, Dread Lords is a worthy successor to the prequel. Even if you play through the game a couple times, you probably won?t even touch the depth that can be had in this game, but players don?t be afraid to tackle a turn-based strategy like this, because even for new players to the series, Stardock has made it possible to have a great gameplay experience even if you don?t want to concentrate that much on all of the details.
Europa Universalis III
Have you ever wanted to control the world around the time that Columbus discovered the new world? Well, you have your chance in Europa Universalis III. No other game has ever given you more depth in every aspect of your triumphant reign over the world that in this last release in the series. If you?re a newcomer to the series, don?t be dismayed by the learning curve, just spend a little with the instruction because once you pick this game up and really get into what it is to control a culture back in the day, you?ll never be able to pull yourself away from the computer. This is one of those games where it?s not all about the graphics and that?s not to say that the graphics are terrible, just that the developers spent the majority of their time on coding a game filled with depth and TBS fans will appreciate it.
Hearts of Iron Anthology
Another spectacular turn-based strategy game where you trying to control the world around the Cold War and the choices that you would make. If you ever wanted to spend some time away from the world, you could just pick up this anthology that includes all of the games in the series, install, and sit back and let the time pass by in the outside world as you try to gain control over the world through multiples way such as diplomacy, warfare, etc. This game, much the same as Europa Universalis III were designed with the turn-based strategy fan in mind in the way of giving you the choices you would want when dealing with a multitude of decisions throughout your campaign of world domination.
Heroes of Might and Magic III
Another classic and easily the best in the series of the long line of Heroes of Might and Magic. Basically, the developers seemed to get everything right with this installment. Storyline, design, combat, sound, everything about this game shouts quality and this is a game that turn-based strategy game fans should not miss.
Worms 2
A different style of turn-based game where you can fight computer players or other players as worms with different weapons. And these are some pretty big weapons. With indestructible levels where you can strategize with each worm how you want to take your opponent out, not enough fun can be had with this simple style of gameplay that?s quite a lot of fun on your own or in a group. The fact that this game is so different than most turn-based strategy games, and how laughable and simple it is, just makes you give more credit to the developers for trying something new and sticking with it.
Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne
An amazing fantasy style strategy game that makes you just enjoy the time more that you spend on your computer. This game looks great, sounds great, and has some great combat overall to give your gameplay experience the quality you expect from a sequel. One can only hope that the developers can give this great series a third installment.
Jagged Alliance 2: Gold Edition
This game just screams enjoyment as you spend your time through different zones filled with forests, villages, and mass landscapes with some of the best companions. As you spend your time roaming through different landscapes, you?ll notice the time and coding that went into the game with how deep the combat system truly is. Some of the most fun you?ll have is just dealing with the different mercenaries that you?ll be fighting with. These guys and gays are truly the highlight of the game. Taking all that was great about the first game and adding a lot of improvements, Jagged Alliance 2: Gold is a game that you?ll be spending hours upon hours on as you travel across the different zones of your choice. If you?re looking for a fun turn-based strategy game experience, look no further.
Silent Storm: Gold Edition
Coming out of nowhere, this game brings back the great gameplay of the old turn-based strategy games such as X-com and gives it some pretty up-to-date graphics. With a pretty good physics engine and decent storyline that leads players through World War II on both sides, Axis and Allies, Silent Storm is a must purchase for turned-based strategy game lovers. With good graphics, sound, physics as you can destroy almost anything in each map, and a lengthy campaign, this is an easily choice for the top ten of the last ten years.