Top 10 First-Person Shooters 1997-2007

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in Harm's Way
Giving the first person shooter genre a funnier tone in this Austin Power?s like spy game, you play as Cate Archer, a UNITY agent who is still fighting the crime superpower H.A.R.M. From the different unique weapons and how they fit into the game and the detailed environments that have you going across the world from an underwater headquarters to the streets of the Orient, but each level looks superb and the story flows from one level to the next, even while fighting off an enemy inside a house that?s flying around in a tornado. The voice acting is superb and it?s just a nice refreshing first person shooter in a genre usually saturated with blatant lackluster killing of hundreds of zombies, demons, people without purpose.
Somewhat of a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, Bioshock becomes one of those games that you can play over and over again, not only for how beautiful the underwater metropolis of Rapture looks, but also because of the impressive storyline and voice acting is within the games fifteen or so hours. With an impressive physics engine that shines whether you?re using your inferno power to light your enemies on fire or your telekinesis power to throw objects around the artistically designed environment, Bioshock gives player multiple ways to progress through the game. Just because it seems a little bit more linear than most modern role-playing games, doesn?t mean that the game doesn?t have replayability, because there are just so many ways to take out different enemies whether you want to run and gun or use the environment for your needs. Bioshock is a game that gives first person shooter gamers the hope to have overall great quality artistic games in a world where developers seem to rinse and repeat each year with installments in their age old franchises.
Because of technological achievements this game made, it deserves to be on the top ten. The graphics in this game and also the artificial intelligence displayed by your enemies with the different levels really sets this game apart from the everyday normal first person shooter. Having the ability to slow down time is not unknown to the gaming world, stemming from Max Payne and Matrix games, but FEAR, being a first person shooter really gives it a twist giving the ability of hand to hand combat to the player with dealing with his foes. Although there are not that many different enemy types in FEAR?s single player campaign, their artificial intelligence really makes up for that. Your enemies will find ways to surround you or flush you out of different places. You?ll actually have to keep track of where they?re all at all the time, unless you want to reload. The graphics are a step above most of the FPS?s this year, and because of it, you?re going to need a huge system to get the full affect. The storyline, to me, wasn?t the best, taking many elements from recent Japanese horror films, but it will keep your interest throughout the entire game.
Half Life 2
Finally being released 6 years after the first, Valve gives players three different games including the single player campaign, Counter Strike, and a Deathmatch feature to spend countless hours of your time on. Alongside the amazing graphics, Valve?s new Physics engine brings a whole new level of immersion into the game being able to interact with almost everything in the game. A worthy sequel to a great game, Half Life 2 fulfills most of the wants and needs of the gamers who fell in love with Valve?s first offering.
Doom 3
Bursting out onto the pc in August of 2004, this remake of the original Doom put the fear back into pc gamers that had been lost from the previous years of lackluster scary First Person Shooters. Doom 3, to put it plainly, had amazing graphics which were fueled by the mind of John Carmack and his computer. The graphics engine with all its features, which with even today?s top computers still can?t be put to their full potential, along with some awesome weapons, gives the player an experience that won?t soon forget. Given only a flashlight for light in the shadowed Mars Station, powerful weapons, related to the originals from the first Doom, provide the player with a sense of calmness while battling hundreds and hundreds of demons and screaming babies through the ravaged Mars station. Although not the best story in a game, this is probably one of the best looking games to date.
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher's Bay
This has to be one of the only games ever created from a movie that?s half decent and the best part is, it?s not just half decent. It?s one of the best first person shooters created. Not only giving the player a superb environment to run through, but also a decent storyline, great sound and voice acting, but also a control over the character that?s not really seen in any other first person shooter. Whether you?re sneaking up behind an unaware guard or crawling through the tunnels of the Butcher Bay Prison, your control over Riddick himself seems more realistic in nature to an actual human, than a normal FPS. When jumping up to a higher elevation or hanging across a ropeline, the camera will go into a 3rd person viewpoint and everything seems so fluid without any hitches. All of the weapons feel and sound solid and the integrated stealth system just adds another element to an already great game.
System Shock 2
A first person shooter like no other. With a storyline that?s gripping from beginning to end interspersed through multiple in-game cutscenes. Using an enhanced version of the Dark Engine that Thief was created on; this helps the stealth gameplay aspect of the game and gives the atmosphere more depth. It has realistic environments that create some tense moments throughout the story in a game that blends certain role-playing game elements with the great components of a first person shooter.
Deus Ex
A sci-fi first person shooter that has expansive environments, a rich engrossing storyline and some great gameplay elements that give the first person shooter some depth. It?s a longer game that gives you some options on how you want to complete different situations. Deus Ex is an ambitious game that certainly follows through on a lot of components. The graphics may not be the best part of the game, but every other component shines enough to have the player not caring about how the game looks. In a genre where it?s usually just run and gun, Deus Ex brings a lot to the table.
Quake II
When the original Quake came around, it was a game that just couldn?t seem to be bettered, all until Quake II came along. With an action-packed minute by minute single player campaign and multiplayer campaign that?s had somewhat of an overhaul, you simply can?t beat the fun that?s had through the entire game. With some great graphics, and some superb sound, you?ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time you?re playing Quake II. With a style of gameplay that almost everyone has taken ideas from since then, check out what the fuss was all about and why everyone liked the game so much.
Some may be asking, why would Crysis be on this list, it?s just another first person shooter that does everyone else a normal FPS would do, and I would say you?re mostly right, but you just can?t look past the graphics in this game and how realistic the environments look. Yes, the gameplay isn?t leagues above other games of the same genre like the graphical content, but they?re certainly solid in their own respect. This game does have polish in regards to the actual over gameplay and you have to respect that, but no other game has been able to express their atmosphere like Crysis, mainly due to the graphics and physics engine. Gamers have to be impressed with what Crytek has done and obviously look forward to what they might do in the future. One can only imagine where we go from here with the graphics component after this game?s release.