Top 10 Strategy 1997-2007

SimCity 3000
Some consider Simcity to be the best city building there is and if that?s true, then Simcity 3000 has to be the best game out there. Giving gamers across the world the ability to create some pretty amazing setups for their own cities which includes all aspects of city including utilities, taxes, and other funding decisions throughout every year that passes by, Simcity 3000 is a superb creation on the simulation aspect of building and running your own city. Either through leisure play here and there, or through hours spent planning out your metropolis through every last detail, you can spend hundreds of hours with this quality game.
Movies The
From the well known creative developer Peter Molyneux who gave us great games like Black and White 1 and 2, The Movies gives players the ability to create their own blockbuster hits. With two different modes of play; one being the ?campaign mode? where you start movies in the early 20th century in black and white without sound and go through winning awards and building you studio until you?re making full drawn out color movies with some special effects. The other style of play is a type of ?sandbox mode? where you?re able to start creating movies from the get go, but with limited technology if you haven?t completed the campaign mode already. Although the game doesn?t give the player the amount of control they first thought they would get, the game is definitely different from the norm and Mr. Molyneux has definitely tried to branch away from mainstream as much as he could, which is noble in today?s ways of sequels and spin-offs.
Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition
Alright, the music alone could have this game make the top ten, but then you?d be missing out on a ton of great gameplay. You take the role of dictator, but the way you treat your citizens really shows your population what kind of person you truly are. The great thing about this title is that just because you lay down the plans for a building, it won?t automatically build. Your followers will be the ones who will do the building, but only if they feel like they?re being treated nice enough. First rule of thumb, keep your citizens and they?ll return the favor. And the fact that it?s set in a tropical region doesn?t hurt at all.
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum
The third installment into the Rollercoaster Tycoon series, this game takes the series into full 3-D with some great visuals and hours upon hours of gameplay. Being able to build your own theme park has never so fun than with this third installment. With loads of different styles of rollercoasters at your disposal, plus the ability to create your own, whether they?re regular rollercoasters or based off of water, you?ll have all the choice because it?s your theme park. From food vendors to all of your employees, you?re given hundreds of options in the way of people, places, and rides throughout your park. The options are limitless.
1701 A.D.
Coming out at the end of the year, this game has sparked quite a bit of interest from gamers across different genres. Following along the same lines as the two previous installments of 1503 and 1602 A.D., Related Designs brings players to the Caribbean-like environment to start a colony and complete different objectives throughout different scenarios and such. Featuring some of the greatest graphics for its genre, 1701 A.D. shines when zooming in to look at your population from any angle. The soundtrack is also quite nice and will keep you interested as you build your settlement into a large scale city consisting of settlers, citizens, and aristocrats. This time around, Related designs didn?t give the game?s missions an overall storyline that connects everything together, but the scenarios follow each other quite nicely and having the ability to start from scratch and continuously play for however long you want is always something well liked from any players. Coming from a small time developer in German, most people might overlook this for just a small upgrade from the previous installments, but be forewarned; you?ll be missing out if you do.
Railroad Tycoon 2
The second installment in the series simply saw a quality that was busting at the seams with options. Although it has somewhat dated graphics, the overall game including graphics, sound, gameplay, and entire game as a whole simply shines because of how polished it is. If you?ve ever wanted to create your own railroad empire across early day America, this is definitely your chance. From the different decisions of what engines and cars you?ll use to traffic your goods from one place to another and also the ability to design your own tracks across wide arcs of land, you?ll be running everything right down to the last accounting aspect of goods sold to goods purchased. Every aspect and choice is decided by you.
Settlers 2
Seen as the best part of the series, Settlers 2 seemed to do everything right all at one time. With nicely rendered graphics, and decent enough sound, where this game really shines is the economic system dealing with the entirety of your community, which has you making basically everything from scratch, including gold in the way of currency coming from the raw deposits in the ground, but it?s not that simple of a process, because there?s other components that interconnect and coincide with making each component of the cycle work and that?s just for gold itself and Settlers II takes this system and makes it work. If you?re into micromanaging a community, this is a title for you.
Zeus: Master of Olympus
A city building simulation game that takes place during the time of the Greeks. Zeus models itself after games such as Pharaoh and its expansions Cleopatra, which were also great city building games. With a mission by mission campaign that has you helping out both historical and mythological people, you?ll spend countless hours updating your city throughout the campaign adding new buildings and fun things for your citizens to utilize. With combat taking up only a small aspect of the game in its entirety, you?ll be spending most of your time creating and establishing your community which is the heart of the game and also its best part.
The Sims 2
One of the top selling games in history, The Sims 2 took everything great about the first installment and its many expansions and made it better. Updating the graphics engine dramatically and making the inhabitants more believably human, you?ll soon begin creating your family and the house they?re to live in. Adding different components that made the previous games great in their respective designs, The Sims 2 came out polished and ready for all types of fans. Those who spent hours designing their houses and families, and for those who just wanted to have a little fun building a house in the sandbox mode. A definite step up from the previous installment, The Sims 2, along with all the expansions that would follow, is definitely a game to try once.
Sid Meier's Pirates!
Dating back from the original in 1987, this new remake brings all the fun the original offered plus more of well, everything. Pirates definitely have to be one of the most addictive games released in 2004. Alongside some good graphics and hours upon hours of randomly generated quests, add in some ease of use in learning to play, this game is a definite buy for any fan of the original or any gamer who?s looking for a overall fun time. Give this game a try and watch the hours tick by like minutes. Sid Meier, master of strategy games alike brings his talent to another wonderful game.