Top 10 MMORPG 1997-2007

Who could have ever guessed back in 1999
Ultima Online
Celebrating its tenth birthday this year, Ultima Online has gone through quite a long of changes and is almost impossible to get into know because of all the dedicated players out there and how dangerous the game world is because of them. With decent graphics, sound, and hundreds of gameplay, Ultima Online, like Everquest asks for a lot of time and dedication from its players and although the popularity isn?t as widespread as Everquest, it has lived a long life of expansions, updates, both graphically and gameplay wise, and just generally player population staying pretty constant which proves that players still want games that are more complex.
World of Warcraft
Taking a well known franchise of strategy games and creating one of the world?s largest, most popular games ever seen like a large task, but Blizzard seemed to do it with ease. Taking what made different MMORPG?s popular and putting it all into one game, with decent enough graphics, good sound, and weeks, upon weeks of gameplay. Think I?m joking, make an account and see how easily it is to break away. Don?t believe me, why not ask one of the 9 million people who are playing what they think of the game. To put that into perspective, think of a small third world country and then think of the entire county?s population playing WoW. Laugh with me, Blizzard did their homework on what makes people happy. If you?re someone who believes differently, that?s fine, but don?t dismiss other?s for the fun they have online in this massive MMORPG.
Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
The world that Tolkien created is now online for your enjoyment. That?s right, what you read in the books, and what you saw in the movies, it?s all here leading up to a certain point in the trilogy and it?s only getting bigger. Trying to attract both MMORPG and Lord of The Rings Fans, Shadows of Angmar takes the best of both worlds and puts everything into a very detailed, story driven game, along with some superb graphics that fully illustrate the landscape that Tolkien had created so many years ago. Whether you?re a fan of MMORPGs or Lord of the Rings, you?ll be pleased with this title. Since launch, Turbine, the developers, have released mass amounts of free content that not only extend the overall storyline, but the territory in which you can explore. One can only think of what they may include in an actual expansion.
Guild Wars
Trying to pull away just a few of the millions of people playing World of Warcraft, Guild Wars gave the online gamer a different type of experience. Not truly considering a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game, Guild Wars has players instance into their own unique setting each time they leave a town setting, giving them to either group with other human players or take on NPCs as groups members. This feature, although seeming different than the norm for online games, really helps players who don?t want to wait for hours looking for a group for a certain mission during the game. And one can?t forget about the great graphics for the online world; each environment looks beautiful and unique in its own way with the artistic style that the developers chose to take. Plus, not having a monthly subscription also helps out with gaining new members, and the developers constantly keep updating and adding new content to this large scaled game.
Asheron's Call
A well-rounded solid massive multiplayer online role-playing game that came out alongside of the biggest titles did well enough on its own and even sparked a sequel. With decent enough graphics, sound, and overall content, this title pretty much suffered from being a little generic, but still held onto a large fan base that were looking for an escape from heavily populated servers and complex players of Everquest and Ultima Online.
Dark Age of Camelot
A solid MMORPG from the get go, this online game took what was great about a lot of other games in its genre and made them better. Relying on the players that made Everquest great, Dark Age of Camelot expects their players to put countless hours into game to progress and because of its ideas and overall great gameplay, they were rewarded with an excellent crowd of players. Based on a detailed setting, teaming with good visuals and great sound, this title came out wanting to be on top and although it might have never reached what the developers had hoped for it, it still did pretty well because of the fun that could be had with countless hours invested.
City of Heroes
Another great MMO for hundreds of thousands of players across the world, where players could live out their dreams of becoming a super hero. With thousands of different options and customizations, you could easily spend countless hours just tweaking your hero to be what you always wanted. The general gameplay is faster and easier to get into than most MMOs, but also it is a simpler and less complex game which might turn people off. The choice is yours with how much time you want to spend with an MMO and if you?re time is limited; this is an easy recommendation for some fun.
Final Fantasy XI
Somewhere along the long line of Final Fantasy games to hit the market, you knew there would be a MMO in the setting and why not? With a fan base consisting of all of the players who?ve enjoyed countless hours in their regular single player role-playing games, why not try their luck and create a massive online game to roam the detailed setting that?s been sprawled out over ten plus game titles. With a complex combat system and constant need for grouping during normal gameplay, this game required a little more of your time than most current MMOs of recent days.
Tabula Rasa
A newer massive multiplayer online game that was created by Richard Garriott that takes the MMO genre and intermixes it with other genres to create a new online experience. With some decent visuals and good overall musical score, Tabula Rasa looks like a third person shooter in space, but that?s only the face value of this game. There?s a large crafting system and combat system that?s brand new in the MMO scene which I more engaging than most. Both locales and instances are done quite well in detail and design, and if you?re looking for a new type of MMO to play not set in a fantasy setting, Tabula Rasa could be for you.