Top 10 Xbox 360 Games 1997-2007

Gears of War
One of the first real system sellers for the Xbox 360, Gears of War brought everything to the table, a great storyline with rich voice-acting, superb next generation graphics, an engrossing single player campaign and a fun fast-paced multiplayer. With a great musical score, and weapon and environment that create even more atmosphere in an already visually stunning game, Gears of War lets you and a friend team up to battle through hordes of opponents pumping lead minute after minute from beginning till end. A unique style multiplayer where you team up with three other squad mates for some intense gunplay action, where you can measure your skills against the best out there, Gears of War gives the third person, over the shoulder, viewpoint to players making the feeling of roaming abandoned, ravaged cities more engrossing. An overall great quality game that you?ll you engaged for quite a while.
Halo 3
Over the years, the Halo series has definitely grown. From Combat Evolved to now the latest installment in the series which successfully ends the trilogy. With a lengthy, engaging storyline that finishes up most of the story elements from the two previous installments, Halo 3 doesn?t break too much new to the table, but it?s how it?s brought is what gives it such high marks. The online multiplayer component is now better than ever with both large and small maps for players to run and gun through with vehicles or on foot. The single player campaign can now be run through with four people which are a welcome component of any first shooter fan, and the storyline flows through to the end. With enhanced graphics that shine and also stay at an impressive framerate whether on your own or online, many gamers will notice the time of development that was put into the game. Not mention the new Forge component which lets you somewhat change up the maps and also take screenshots and movies of you and your friends. You could easily spend weeks with this game and still be having fun either on your own or with friends.
Assassin's Creed
A new franchise from a long time developer, Assassin?s Creed takes cues from numerous games already out including the Prince of Persia series, the Splinter Cell series, and even some aspects from the Hitman series. All of these game series are giants in their own way, and the fact that Assassin?s Creed borrows so much from them tells you how great this game is. Having an open gameplay world to roam around in during 1191 A.D. including the cities of Acre, Jerusalem, Damascus, is a great time whether you?re on horseback or on foot. The cities and huge and sprawling and look superb. With different tasks to perform throughout the alleys and street ways of these ancient cities, plus the different assassination attempts you are to perform, Assassin?s Creed is a large game in a lot of scales. With decent voice-acting and a storyline that not only encompasses the ancient Holy Land, but a Sci-fi component, the developers keep the game engaging by offering a good quality gameplay experience. You have to wonder and think about what they?ll do with the series in the oncoming installments.
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
With each new installment into the series, it seems like the Call of Duty series keeps getting better in not only overall quality, but also gameplay. With this latest game in the franchise, the series takes a modern twist and it does it well. With an intense campaign that has you crossing the globe from the middle of the ocean on a sealiner to the ghost town near Chernobyl. Although the single player campaign may be a little on the short side, not enough can be said about the depth that?s in the multiplayer component of this game. With an already great track record with the online multiplayer, Infinity Ward adds something more with an experience system that has you unlocking different classes and weapons when playing online with others. A different take on the importance on playing more and becoming better online, Call of Duty 4 rewards the player well with their multiplayer component and this feature will keep players and fans of the genre playing for hours on end.
Somewhat of a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, Bioshock becomes one of those games that you can play over and over again, not only for how beautiful the underwater metropolis of Rapture looks, but also because of the impressive storyline and voice acting is within the games fifteen or so hours. With an impressive physics engine that shines whether you?re using your inferno power to light your enemies on fire or your telekinesis power to throw objects around the artistically designed environment, Bioshock gives player multiple ways to progress through the game. Just because it seems a little bit more linear than most modern role-playing games, doesn?t mean that the game doesn?t have replayability, because there are just so many ways to take out different enemies whether you want to run and gun or use the environment for your needs. Bioshock is a game that gives first person shooter gamers the hope to have overall great quality artistic games in a world where developers seem to rinse and repeat each year with installments in their age old franchises.
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
The latest installment to the Guitar Hero franchise which features a host of songs, almost all performed by the original band themselves. A list of songs ranging from some great classics such as Black Magic Woman, by Santana, to some newer content by bands like Disturbed and Slipknot, Legends of Rock has a little something for everyone. With a few new additions to the multiplayer aspect of the game, being Battle Mode, and co-op campaign mode, Guitar Hero III is a game that will easily last you till the next installment in this fun series. With online leaderboards, some superb looking graphics, great sounding music, and a funnily animated campaign, Legends of Rock holds its standpoint as one of the most fun party games out there to date.
Mass Effect
From long time developer Bioware, this massive RPG gives Xbox 360 owners what they?ve been waiting for, an enriching storyline strewn across hours of excellent gameplay told through some artistic graphics, and superb voice-acting and great musical score. With different classes to play and different abilities and upgrades to choose from, plus the beautifully written dialogue choices, replay value is simply a component that this game screams out. Taking place in a space setting, this title covers light years of content where you?ll be able to travel from planet to planet to complete side quests which will add hours of content to the already lengthy campaign. If you?re a fan of the RPG genre, this game should not be overlooked.
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year
Coming from long standing developer Bethesda, Oblivion is a game that any role-playing gamer can enjoy. For your non-linear role-playing game experience, look no further because Oblivion offers players miles upon miles of lush outdoor environments to traverse as they build their character up how you would like. With hundreds of quest to find and complete, guilds to join, and homes to purchase across the many villages of Cyrodiil, and a full expansions pack to add, you have literally over 200 hours of gameplay to be had with this just one game.
Rock Band
From the makers of Guitar Hero comes another immensely fun party game, but more interactive. Consisting of a drumset, microphone, and of course guitar, you can actually create your own band with a group of friends to play for hours on end. With a list of decent tracks to play through, along with constant downloadable content, to play through from some great bands, the lifespan of this game is pretty much as long as you can keep your friends together. Covering all of the aspects of the band, including vocals, Rock Band is simply entertaining in all aspects. If you have the money, and the friends, run out and grab this game because it will definitely last you.
The Orange Box
You get the award winning Half Life 2, plus the two following episodes that progress the story even further, a new style of gameplay from Portal which one can only imagine where the community will take its abilities, and finally Team Fortress 2, a multiplayer team-oriented experience where the different classes actually matter in the overall gameplaying experience. You?d be hard pressed to have never heard of the Half Life series, but if you haven?t had the chance to play it, treat yourself and get The Orange Box. First person shooter fans will see the quality and time that Valve took in creating each component of this package in the first few hours and will then be able to play for unlimited amounts of hours when dealing with the thousands of fan created games based off of the Source Engine.