Top 10 Wii Games 1997-2007

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
A game that appeared both on the Gamecube and the Wii, Twilight Princess pushes the Zelda series even further with the Wii console because of the motion controller component that adds a interactive real sense to the game. When drawing your bow back, you draw the controllers back as if you were holding a bow. When swinging your sword, you swing the controller. This level of interaction mixed with a lengthy campaign that is supported by a detailed story makes the latest addition to the series a welcome installment.
Super Mario Galaxy
The next greatest Mario game on the Wii System that takes full advantage of the motion sensitive controllers is something that long time fans can be happy with. Searching for different stars, like in previous Mario games, you'll find yourself just searching and having fun while doing so because of how interactive the control system is. The developers themselves had to have quite a bit of fun when dealing with the creative motion style of the controllers and one can only imagine where the next Mario will take us.
Super Paper Mario
Since the introduction of the Paper Mario games in past games, developers took the series to the next level with the control design of the Wii remote. With good looking graphics, good sound, and overly fun game design centered around the interactive control scheme, Paper Mario can be fun for any age group whether you're an older gamer or a new gamer new to the Mario series.
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
After taking the Metroid series into full 3-D on the Gamecube, the developers wanted to take the feeling of interaction one step further and they did so with Corruption. With having the ability of motion, from the Nintendo Wii, players have the ability to run through different motions with the controllers that will have you feeling like you?re actually in the game including directional shooting and the ability to yank away shields of opponents with a quick jerk of your hand. With a vast world to explore and a decent enough plotline that?ll linger in the background as you explore the multi-atmospheric environments.
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
The latest installment to the Guitar Hero franchise which features a host of songs, almost all performed by the original band themselves. A list of songs ranging from some great classics such as Black Magic Woman, by Santana, to some newer content by bands like Disturbed and Slipknot, Legends of Rock has a little something for everyone. With a few new additions to the multiplayer aspect of the game, being Battle Mode, and co-op campaign mode, Guitar Hero III is a game that will easily last you till the next installment in this fun series. With online leaderboards, some decent looking graphics, great sounding music, and a funnily animated campaign, Legends of Rock holds its standpoint as one of the most fun party games out there to date.
Medal of Honor Heroes 2
Bringing the Medal of Honor series to the Wii system brought some new and refreshing gameplay because of the motion sensing control design and giving the played the ability to actually aim in their gun in game with the Wii remote. With some pretty decent graphics for the Wii console and some fast and intense gameplay, Heroes 2 also gives the availability of 32 player online support which is a great component for the Wii console since there hasn't been the mass availability for the online community for Wii owners.
Wii Sports
Long has it been a tradition to include a game with new consoles, but that simply stopped happening as of late for some reason, mostly due to cost of making the different consoles, but with the Nintendo Wii, you were given Wii Sports, which includes different sports such as tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and others that?ll easily entertain you and friends for hours on end. Something so simple to think of, such as a tennis game where you actually feel like you?re swinging a racket, but it was implemented perfectly with the tennis portion of Wii Sports, and if you ever can pull yourself away from tennis, you have an array of different games to play with friends and family.
Madden NFL 07: Wii Edition
Truly bringing some innovation to the Madden series, the Wii Edition has you actually going through the motion of throwing the ball, by using your Wii remote, bringing you closer to the game which is a welcome change for the franchise. Taking a slight cut in graphics to be placed on the Wii, Madden 07 shines in other ways because of the interaction that's presented to you while playing the game.
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
Changing some of the gameplay mechanics to a more over the shoulder adventure really paid off for this latest installment in the series. Drawn across a longer plotline that had you going through hours of great, horror-styled gameplay, Resident Evil 4 took all the elements of a good action shooter and combined them to create a great game overall. With some decent looking graphics, coupled with the motion sensing interaction of the Wii remote, Resident Evil 4 is just one of the titles that you shouldn?t overlook for the Wii, not only because of the great graphics, but for the sound, storyline, and overall control and gameplay components.
Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
A nice and fun platforming adventure game that takes the great design of the Wii remote and its motion sensing mixed in with some great puzzles throughout the game. With some excellent graphics on the Wii console and some superb art design by the developers, players will have fun going through the multitudes of levels throughout this entertaining game.