Top 10 PC Games 1997-2007

Half Life 2
Finally being released 6 years after the first, Valve gives players three different games including the single player campaign, Counter Strike, and a Deathmatch feature to spend countless hours of your time on. Alongside the amazing graphics, Valve?s new Physics engine brings a whole new level of immersion into the game being able to interact with almost everything in the game. A worthy sequel to a great game, Half Life 2 fulfills most of the wants and needs of the gamers who fell in love with Valve?s first offering.
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Coming off the huge success of its predecessor, Shadows of Amn takes the adventure even further. With the ability to take your character from the previous game and level them up even further, while gaining worthwhile companions that only add to the overall storyline, Baldur?s Gate II took everything that was great about the RPG genre and made it better. Making the pen and paper gameplay of Dungeons and Dragons come alive on the computer screen, giving the modding community all the tools of the developers, there just weren?t enough hours in the day. With hundreds of modifications being made throughout the next few years after its initial release, players were able to enjoy this game for years to come and even now today. The pre-rendered backgrounds shine even when compared to some of the artistic style of games today.
Civilization IV
Using an enhanced version of the same graphics engine that was used to Sid Meier?s Pirates!, Civilization IV takes all the great features of the previous installments, plus fixed almost all the problems and gave their fan community an all around great game. Civ games were never really known for their intense graphics, only their in-depth gameplay and Civilization IV definitely delivers. With using the Pirates! Engine, Firaxis give the Civ series a 3D enhancement with many different colors that just feels right as you decide to either nuke your opponents or deal with them peacefully. With so many ways to win each game, and the great multiplayer, Civilization IV is an easy recommendation to the list.
World of Warcraft
Taking a well known franchise of strategy games and creating one of the world?s largest, most popular games ever seen like a large task, but Blizzard seemed to do it with ease. Taking what made different MMORPG?s popular and putting it all into one game, with decent enough graphics, good sound, and weeks, upon weeks of gameplay. Think I?m joking, make an account and see how easily it is to break away. Don?t believe me, why not ask one of the 9 million people who are playing what they think of the game. To put that into perspective, think of a small third world country and then think of the entire county?s population playing WoW. Laugh with me, Blizzard did their homework on what makes people happy. If you?re someone who believes differently, that?s fine, but don?t dismiss other?s for the fun they have online in this massive MMORPG.
Unreal Tournament 2004
A game based around multiplayer, UT2K4 came with everything 2K3 had, but added more maps, vehicles, and an immense amount of fun over the internet. Providing players with multiple styles of play including: Assault, Onslaught, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Unreal Tournament 2004 keeps any player in their seat while they battle it out with players across the world. Add to the fact, the downloadable content released not only by the community, but by the developers themselves in the Editor?s Choice package, this is a multiplayer game that players will be involved for quite a while.
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
Having to follow up one of the most played real-time strategy games of its time, not to mention Blizzard?s major success of Starcraft and its expansion, Reign of Chaos had a lot to prove and it does it from the beginning intro movie. Having some great experience in the genre already, Blizzard certainly doesn?t let their fans down with a great storyline that flows from level to level and some decent graphics to portray the world that Blizzard created years ago. Lowering the population limit, making the gameplay including multiplayer faster, and a host of other changes, created a whole new niche for fans of the genre with this new installment. One can only imagine where Blizzard might take the franchise after the whole World of Warcraft fiascal has taken its turn.
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition
Coming from long standing developer Bethesda, Oblivion is a game that any role-playing gamer can enjoy. For your non-linear role-playing game experience, look no further because Oblivion offers players miles upon miles of lush outdoor environments to traverse as they build their character up how you would like. With hundreds of quest to find and complete, guilds to join, and homes to purchase across the many villages of Cyrodiil, and a full expansions pack to add, you have literally over 200 hours of gameplay to be had with this just one game.
Rise of Nations
The first game from a new developer, Rise of Nations turned the strategy genre in a new direction. A massive title which includes eighteen different civilizations to play around with in some large scale battles. In a genre where the numbers of actual civilizations are dwindling, Big Huge Games busted out with an amount to match power strategy previous to its time; titles like Age of Empires II or Empire Earth. Taking cues from different games in its genre, and creating unique and new playing styles, Rise of Nations, with some decent graphics, and sound, is a game some strategy games might not be used to, because of some of the turn-based strategy elements. But after taking some time and figuring out the structure of the game, fans will enjoy the depth that?s provided by this great developer team.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Say what you will about the Grand Theft Auto series, but Rockstar games definitely know they?re doing when creating new games. Given more advertisement by the famous ?coffee mod,? San Andreas yet again gave the player the ability to do almost anything in a huge world that was free of loading points. Taking everything that was great about the previous two games in the series, San Andreas adds more quests consisting of a large variety, different from just the regular ?mailman? quests that have plagued most games in this same genre. If you?re not offended by strong language or any sort of racism and want a game that will fill up your time for quite awhile, giving you the ability to live an alternate life in a huge world, then Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a good choice for you. Even though it may not seem like Rockstar Games are not taking a lot of initiative with the Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas proves yet again that you can make a sequel that is above and beyond what the previous installments were.
Company of Heroes
Coming out of nowhere is Company of Heroes, a very strategic real-time strategy games that puts the strategy back in RTS. Giving the player a deeper feel for the action that they?re involved in, Relic delivers a masterpiece in pretty much all respects of the game including some stunning visuals, amazing sound, and a deep enough storyline to not only keep the player interested, but also keep them invested in their troops. Although there have been quite a few World War II RTS games released in the past few years, Company of Heroes really sets itself apart with its intensity involved in every mission whether you?re trying to rush the enemy or build a strong command center to work your operations out of. Add an engaging multiplayer component where strategy is the key and you have yourself one of the best games of the year. Unlike most RTS games, rushing isn?t always the best course of action, so long time RTS fans will have to hone their skills and think of a new strategic way to accomplish their goal of taking out their enemies.