Top 10 Action 1997-2007

Thief: The Dark Project
If anyone ever asks for a game that has good stealth missions, usually they?re pointed towards the Thief Series and The Dark Project just shines in this department. In the realm of action, there needs to be a little tension and The Dark Project has quite a bit of that. Although you?ll spend quite a bit of your time keeping out of the reach of the local guards, the suspenseful action overall will keep you replaying every level to try and find a different route to complete your heist. With some great quality sound and some hilarious voice acting, mixed throughout a storyline that keeps you captivated till the end, Thief is just one of those easily recommended games for any gamer looking for a good action action.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
The Splinter Cell series has been a long standing series that has reached five installments thus far, and there is a good reason for this. They?re good quality games and Chaos Theory is one of the best. With some great action spread across multiple levels around the world, mixed in with great visuals, superb voice acting, and an over-arcing storyline, Chaos Theory will have you hooked and is easily the best of the series so far in the realm of stealth and action mixed together. Add to that, a fun, quick-paced multiplayer experience that not only focused on the skill of the player, but also good communication between team members. Overall, Chaos Theory is a total package in the action genre.
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
A combination of the previous two installments in the series, taking the great combat style from Warrior Within, and the great environmental puzzles from The Sands of Time, this game can do nothing but please fans of the trilogy. Along with a decent storyline that will keep the player interested throughout the entire game, PoP: T2T ends the trilogy with a good note, having most of the questions from the previous games answered. Adding a new ?quick kill? feature as an addition to the already great combat system, the developers really took some time to make everything in the combat flow from one attack to the next. Even with putting out a new installment every year, Ubisoft has definitely put their time into presenting the player with a great gameplay experience that will please most, if not all Prince of Persia fans.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Say what you will about the Grand Theft Auto series, but Rockstar games definitely know they?re doing when creating new games. Given more advertisement by the famous ?coffee mod,? San Andreas yet again gave the player the ability to do almost anything in a huge world that was free of loading points. Taking everything that was great about the previous two games in the series, San Andreas adds more quests consisting of a large variety, different from just the regular ?mailman? quests that have plagued most games in this same genre. If you?re not offended by strong language or any sort of racism and want a game that will fill up your time for quite awhile, giving you the ability to live an alternate life in a huge world, then Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a good choice for you. Even though it may not seem like Rockstar Games are not taking a lot of initiative with the Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas proves yet again that you can make a sequel that is above and beyond what the previous installments were.
Thief: Deadly Shadows
Being third in the line of the Thief Series, TDS had a lot to prove and it excelled. Never in a game has the essence of shadows been captured so well. Having both good graphics and a good storyline, TDS leads the player through a single player campaign that easily lasts 20-30 hours unlike many games out this year. Along being able to hide in the shadows, another element of the Thief Series was the use of sound in the game and TDS certainly doesn?t disappoint. Add to that, a decent physics engine and a level/mission in the game that?ll make any player leave the lights on (The Mission ?The Cradle), which can be seen as the scariest level in gaming history, and you?ve got a superb delivery stealth game.
Hitman: Blood Money
Eidos latest installment into this creative series where you play as Agent 47 comes alive again. With an updated graphics engine that brings the characters and environments around you to life, and some great music and voice acting, Blood Money is easily the best of the series to date. Giving players the ability to complete the mission objectives in a multitude of way allows for that non-linear freedom that fans of the series have been looking forward to for quite awhile. With loads of weapons to use, not to mention the different costumes that be stolen from npcs throughout the different missions, Blood Money offers an extreme amount of fun and replay value as players try to achieve game goal objectives such as not getting noticed by anyone, not killing any innocent people, and also completing mission objectives on time. An interesting storyline progresses you through the game?s missions, keeping you intrigued in the storyline all the way to the very end where you?ll come across one of the best endings in gaming history. Interested in seeing that? Check the game out.
With a similar gameplay style as the Grand Theft Auto series, many players looked over this title because of its older graphics, but for those who didn?t, they were treated with an amazing experience not only for its gameplay, but also its engaging storyline, voice acting, and overall game environment based on an America rife with a mobs and old style gangsters. After only the first hour or you, one could easily tell the differences between a Grand Theft Auto game and Mafia and while both games share some similarities, they both have their own qualities that make them great games.
Beyond Good and Evil
An extremely underrated game that most people missed the first time around, Beyond Good and Evil is a great overall action game because of its quirky storyline, atmosphere and setting, and combat system that seems to work perfectly in a world mixed with puzzles, racing, and of course espionage. You play a girl named Jade who is out to take down the evil corporation of the world and give the freedom back to the people by uncovering how terrible they truly are one picture at a time. As you spend your time roaming around different levels and areas, you?ll be taking pictures to prove to the people of the world how terrible the big corporations are. You can?t go wrong with a good story and some great gameplay.
Gears of War
First coming to the Xbox 360, then onto the PC with some added content, Gears of War brings the dirty corridor fighting to the mouse and keyboard. With an entire extra chapter that flows smoothly into the over storyline, the developers made this Gears of War look great on today?s computers with larger resolutions and advanced details for those computers with the horse power. From start to finish, the gameplay is solid with great sound, graphics, voice acting and sound, and a decent lengthy campaign, but you can?t forget about the multiplayer which will give you the replay value you?ve been looking for from an action game.
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Coming out quite a while ago and sparking quiet a few sequels to extend the story, Tomb Raider fans finally get a remake of the classic that brought the action genre back on top after so long. This remake not only gives new breath to an old game, but also gives Tomb Raider fans a faithful remake that they?ll actually want to play. Plat-forming has never looked so good in a game, than in Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and who can forget about what made the game so popular in the first place, Lara Croft herself, or is it the puzzles? Keep telling yourself you played it for the puzzles.